Did Paul McCartney Actually Die in a Car Accident in 1966?

The genetic makeup of identical twins has always been a fascinating biological occurrence- not to mention a miracle for families to conceive. But what if the creation of a twin or lookalike was purposely configured to preserve the status of a worldwide phenomenon? In this video we revisit the age of peace and love; an era that defined music, artistic expression and one of the most bizarre cases of mistaken identity the world has ever seen. Together we will investigate the conspiracy surrounding the biggest band of the 1960’s- The Beatles- and the question which plagued a nation for years, Did Paul McCartney Die in a Car Accident in 1966…


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45 Responses

  1. Isabella Angeline says:

    I would ask if people were just extremely bored back then, but this is actually pretty mild compared to the moronic conspiracy theories going around today.

  2. Mark James Meli says:

    All this "evidence" is so tired and burned out. Not to mention…made up!

  3. Nathy Northy says:

    Please, people. Don't waste 16 minutes of your lives watching this toss. The answer to the question is NO – as anyone with a functioning brain knows. I'm not even going to go into the whole "swapped with a mysterious identical twin who was separated from him at birth but despite never having been in a band was still able to write 'Hey Jude' and 'Let it Be' etc" drivel.

  4. MillardFillmore says:

    Total bullshit.

  5. multiverser says:

    Let's face it, there were 'securitdoubles' as well as 'my schedule of appearances is overloaded ' doubles. To this day, not admitted to.

  6. Sondra W. says:

    I wasn’t sure even after all my research. 2 me, who’s not a huge Beatles fan, Pauls 1966-1969 photos his nose& chin are 2 different ppl. Unless Ringo Starr has a reason to lie, Paul tragically died in 1969 because I just read an article titled ‘Former Beatle Ringo Starr Claims the “Real” Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced by Look-Alike’. I tead the article 2x because I was in disbelief. Ringo Starr said, ‘When Paul died, we all panicked’. They didn’t know what to do & Brian Epstein suggested hiring Billy Shears as a Temporary solution. It was supposedly to last 1-2 wks, but no-one seemed to notice, so they kept playing along. Just read the article.

  7. O'frabjous Day says:

    Wow, William Campbell sure fooled Linda, huh? A simple DNA test between Mike McCartney and James McCartney would answer the "question." BTW, you overlooked the fact that the yellow flowers on the Pepper cover spell out "Paul?" And the Volkswagon letters, "LMW" stand for "Linda McCartney, Widow." And if you play "Revolution 9" backward in its entirety, there are a host of clues. Listen for "They did it on earth. The one named Paul" during angelic voices, as though Paul has just arrived in heaven. A fiery crash, people screaming, and a voice in the right channel, saying loudly, "What happened?!" Lennon's "Right! Right! Right!" backwards turns to "Let me out!" amid flames. Sgt. Pepper reprise backwards turns into "It was a fake moustache." One of the clearest ones as late as Harrison's "It's Johnny's Birthday" backwards turns into, "He never wore his shoes, we all knew he was dead." And on and on. Great fun for kids like me on weed in the 1970's.

  8. Cristian Perez says:

    This is utter rubbish…do you realise you have just made the 10,000th or so video on the subject? We all know the origins of the theory…. We know all of the clues….Sure a human male can have plastic surgery to change their appearance and possibly look like someone else but you can't have plastic surgery on your vocal chords. Post 1966 Paul has exactly the same "extraordinary" singing voice and vocal range as pre1966 Paul. Oh, what a coincidence!!!!! I just don't see what the point of making another video on this subject is, as you don't contribute anything new to the debate.

  9. Mina #9 says:

    If you look at John in 1963-64 and him in 1969-70, he looks sooooo different. His jawline looks different. His eyes are more squinty. He stands with his hands on his hips/back and John didn't stand anyway like that earlier on. George was much brighter about the eyes. Ringo's body language is totally different in later years. I agree that Paul's face looks a lot different. I thought so before I heard of the Paul is Dead stuff. I started as a fan 27 years ago. I didn't have anything but the radio, then a Best Of Beatles album, then started buying CD's, tapes one at a time. I hadn't read anything on them, no internet so I didn't hear anything about a death rumor, but when I started buying books with photos of the band, I thought all by myself that Paul's face seemed to morph. I thought it strange, but he's my favorite so I'm more hyper focused on him. Now looking at the others over time, one could claim the same thing for John. His voice changed a lot. His style, his disinterest in being the leader. People could make rumors about that, but they don't.

  10. tmac mc says:

    I'm into some seriously out there theories, many I've studied over a long length of time and extremely deeply. Many of those I am sure without a shadow of a doubt are indeed not theories at all but actually obfuscated truths. This, however, is utter nonsense. Pure fantasy born from a practical joke and backed up with fake and silly rambling. Not a dig at the channel covering it btw, it's daft but fun and as deserving as many conspiracy topics for a bit of discussion. Just please don't anyone actually believe it. It's 110% not true and on the comical side of hidden truths debate.

  11. Ky Nicol says:

    Conspiracy theorists look for info to try and ‘prove’ their theory… But Conspiracy theories aside. You can find someone who looks similar to another, but you’d NEVER be able to match the charisma he gave.

  12. larry bloss says:

    no he was murdered

  13. robert akerman says:

    DNA is not a possibility. Voice recognition exists. You've offered ZERO new material. Congratulations; You receive My 1st ever "thumbs down".

  14. Liam Parker says:

    Well lucky Paul is still alive best band ever

  15. jose dicko says:

    Usually a big fan of the channel, but this felt lazy.

  16. Tia Ryan says:

    Ah yes, a sound theory

  17. Erick Chicas says:

    I can't believe how people think this is true lol

  18. RivaRidge'72 says:

    I was a young kid in the 1960's when this controversy first emerged – I well recall Mad Magazine (a favorite of mine) ran a little poem that went something like, "Paul, they say, is as dead as nails/All to increase record sales… "Mad" had it all figured out – at least to my 11 or 12 year-old mind. I'll watch the video in any event – who doesn't love a good conspiracy theory?

  19. N eo says:

    Please stop saying inter-per-tated.

  20. Patrick Bone says:

    Why then does he continue performing?

    Surely it would be easier to prolong the scam by giving up music on the end of the Beatles.
    Remember, the greatest trick the devil performed was convincing people we never went to the moon!!

  21. John Smith says:

    Interpreted—not interpratated…… couldn't resist..:)

  22. D R says:

    There's nothing declassified about this. We're losing the point of the channel.

  23. KarkTheRedCanadianDragon says:

    I've heard that theory before. Personally, I don't believe it.

    On a personal note: I apparently have a "doppleganger" who works at a nearby business.

    How do I know this? I was approached one time at a restaurant by a man thinking I was THAT guy, and they were apparently close friends. When I told him that I wasn't his friend, he said "well, you look EXACTLY like him!"

    The business itself is just a stone's throw away from where I live; but I never had the courage to go there and find out if I really did have a lookalike working there.

  24. Jason Westermeyer says:

    I understand people can mimic other people's voices, and when it comes to facial likeness you can use plastic surgery. But the thing that gets me is at 13:46 when they show the 1966 photo compared to the 1969 photo. The ear lobes are completely different. Unless Paul needed some kind of major facial reconstruction, there is no reason he would have had his ear lobes detached from his head. The rest of the facial changes CAN be explained with drinking and smoking, but ear lobes don't change like that over three years. Unless we start thinking that Destination Declassified is the one sending us down this rabbit hole with doctored footage, we should look at more recent photos of him and compare them to Help or Revolver-era photos.

  25. Channel 99 says:

    In high school I had a teacher who was obsessed with The Beatles (RIP, he passed a few years back), I remember him talking about many of these things. I think it was just the band trolling everyone 1960s style. If the class was collectively doing well we'd talk about the Beatles every Friday. It was a fun class

  26. Ross Comery says:

    In the words of another famous liverpudlian "my arse"

  27. JasperxMaster says:

    I love this, just because this was one of the 1st conspiracies i've ever heard way back in middle school.

  28. Hydrospx says:

    I think whoever came up with this theory clearly has too much time on their hands and clearly over thinks things. This is one of the most ridiculous things that I've ever heard of.

  29. mechtech mechanical says:

    I think they did the same with Elvis Presley only he had more than one double. Elvis looked like he had about five doubles

  30. ben lockhurst says:

    when george ringo and paul met up at the priory george said to paul i remember when you first joined the band????? yet paul was in the band before george

  31. Juan Hernandez says:

    This sounds more like the band using a conspiracy theory as a publicity stunt to drive up sales, handing out "clues" that would keep the theory alive for years to come.

  32. Alexandros.95 says:

    He is just a musician ..so i dont think no one gonna use another Paul McCartney after he have an accident LOL… which mean he was not death at all [ eyes roll ].

  33. jeff williams says:

    Not this crap again. Give me a break. Nobody can pretend to be someone else. No arguments. It's not possible to replace a highly skilled public person with a doppelganger . Get a life you sad gits. Go and do some charity work to fill in your spare time.

  34. M. S. says:

    Like this: full of mystery!

  35. thewkovacs says:

    but first he cloned himself

  36. Kevin Deibert says:

    I think I seem to recall Paul having an extra toe on one foot ! The clues and supposed evidence is intriguing and does make one wonder: “is he, or isn’t he” ?

  37. Bruce Bronson says:

    Take a look at every single Paul McCartney impersonator from the 1960s to present day . Not one single one looks identical to Paul like the so called "fake Paul" does. Even in the astronomical possibility they found an exact match.. He would have to be just of good as a musician and songwriter as Paul. Paul McCartney one of the greatest songwriters and singers of all time. The chances of that are so impossible it's a joke to even give it a thought.

  38. Wesley Cook says:

    Too much conjecture. Paul had a lazy eye and still does. The pictures can be manipulated by photo shopping. No evidence that Paul is dead exists. Only conspiracy theories. The guy we know as Paul has had a long and successful career. He is 79- 80 years old. And, Paul's song Yesterday was released in 1967 after he was supposed to be dead according to my Beatles Anthology book. No, Paul is alive regardless of what name you stick on him.

  39. Scott Andrew Brass says:

    Long story short. No.

  40. Johny Two Times says:

    I knew who Paul McCartney was before I knew who the Beatles were and when I saw a video of them playing live back in the day I instantly knew which one was Paul because he mostly looked the same to me in the early 90s

  41. kris stewart says:

    John lennon is still alive and is writing new songs with Michael jackson

  42. Annette G. R.I.P says:

    Paul has outlived John Lennon and George Harrison but Ringo Starr is still alive too. I don’t believe the theory that the real Paul is dead at all but it makes a good listen though.

  43. ManicPandaz says:

    The flip side of that last quote is “The best trick Christianity has ever pulled is to convince people that the devil exists”. Every divine struggle needs a good heel after all.

  44. Alyce French says:

    Its a fun theory, but years of heavy drug abuse can change someones appearance and demeanor

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