Dems FLAIL On CTC Extension, Pandemic Has Killed Parent Or Guardian Of 1 In 500 U.S. Children

President and CEO of the Children’s Defense Fund, Dr. Rev. Starsky Wilson, urges the Biden administration move more forcefully to make the child tax credit permanent.

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20 Responses

  1. P C says:

    A tax credit being paid early and monthly instead of on annual tax returns does not TRANSLATE to more and better just dispersed differently!

  2. Sean M. says:

    Why don't they frame Joe Mansions work requirements as in direct assault against the working class which it is. Only thing work requirements do two programs is undercut The working-class Leverage while working.

  3. Ronald Pinard says:

    The answer to the reverend's concern is in his BIBLE not in policy or politician.

  4. Ronald Pinard says:

    What kind of parent would want a politician to parent their child from a remote highly furnished office complex

  5. Kenny Phelps says:

    You know things are getting really bad when even a virus is racist

  6. The Redbirds says:

    I would rather have it monthly instead of all of it at the end of the year. Seems like a good thing to me.

  7. an says:

    child allowance in the uk is 20 pounds per week for oldest child and 13 pounds for other children, working family tax credits however are means tested on your income, which means it is only people in lower paid jobs who get it, which i tend to agree with, why should people with a good income get it, when there are people working for minimum wage and struggling to survive, food poverty in the UK affects more kids with parents in low paying jobs than those unemployed.

  8. Uarehere says:

    I wonder where senator Clyburn is in this issue. After all, he's the one who got South Carolina to make Joe Biden our nominee for president. Something tells me those constituents are not so happy with the way things are going now. Come on Clyburn, what have you got to say about that?

  9. Micah Clark says:

    Lol dont have a kid if ur not willibg to break ur back for them

  10. Weblight Studio says:

    Children dont get a vote? Let them vote on what color jelly bean they get. Apart from that children should not be voting. That is a parent's task

  11. Bradley A says:

    This tax credit isn't NEW money, its my understanding its the regular tax credit that is part of income taxes. The difference is they are giving the money per month, as opposed to at Income Tax time. Is my understanding, right?

  12. dire wolf says:

    so how much does the rev earn from the fund..?? his place looks pretty nice….

  13. Julian says:

    Let’s go Jesus!!!!!!

  14. W W 34 says:

    I don’t understand why you keep saying this is for the kids. It has nothing to do with them. This is literally already tax credits being paid ahead of time that won’t be paid to parents on their tax returns!!!

  15. M E says:

    It’s crazy how many adults in this comment section are just saying “f them kids”. There are two choices: 1. We transfer money to parents regardless of whether they work. Or 2. We have the highest child poverty rate in the developed world.

    No country has ever solved child poverty through anything else. But so many psychopaths in this country don’t care about anything other than themselves they don’t have the slightest hesitation in opposing a tiny fraction of our spending going to halving child poverty, not even ending it, in the richest country on earth. Disgusting

  16. Will Armendariz says:

    Children don't have a say Grim. They are under the jurisdiction of their parents. Therefore the parents have the rights over their children since they hold the liability.

  17. KonigGustavAdolph says:

    It will end up being just another means of control.

  18. Justin Quinn says:

    So dumb to roll back the CTC, literally businesses big and small benefit from the parents/their workers using said money to buy products, and the parents get the benefit because it takes care of necessary things they may not be able to afford. Even the most corrupt swamp creatures can get behind it because it doesnt rock the boat of their oligarchs, as well as is a political win.

  19. Thomas Pickering says:

    Of course we're not going to invest in our children, or advanced education (besides TikTok or similar), or even public needed infrastructure … geeezz … this is the United States of America … not the People's Republic of China! The idea is radical and insane … just ask any American millionaire/billionaire or large corporation!

  20. 2L84F8 says:

    If anything, they should raise the voting age.

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