Delete Negative Credit Items on Experian In 24 hours

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Tutorial about how to delete negative items on credit reports in 4 hours. Bad credit, fico credit scores credit bureau, credit dispute and deleting derogatory info in 4 hours. #deletenegativecredititemsonexperianin4hours #experianonline #tonydtkhill

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24 Responses

  1. Ken Bolden says:

    I pay for the five dollar thing and it didn’t give me anything

  2. PCE Muzik says:

    I just sent your website $5 dollars for the format and I received nothing please get back to me

  3. Fragman Pro says:

    Alright, I have tried it step by step and it is actually working!

  4. Afra Koçak says:

    Subscribe to this man´s channel

  5. oyuncu kralı TV says:

    Wow, you are a true expert my friend – subbed

  6. BuRaDa YoH YoH says:

    you are the GOAT of these guides

  7. Samet Karadaş says:

    well done explanation video

  8. Peyzajist TV says:

    super sympathetic and you know for sure what you are talking about

  9. ⭐TİTAN⭐ says:

    soo soo good, I totally love it


    Just discovered your awesome channel and subscribed

  11. WARRİOR PUBG says:

    I absolutely love your well explained tutorials

  12. TheSalvatore says:

    Wow I have faced this problem and have not thought that it can be solved so easily

  13. Muhammed Kürşad says:

    thanks for sharing this brilliant guide

  14. Miracle godson says:

    There are also those people who have great credit, a high credit limit, always pay on time, but no financial responsibility because they are living on credit and their parents are still paying their bills at 36 years old it is because I thought so too. I had a medical condition which put me through a lot, things were not working out, it cost me a lot, let me spare you the tale of my woes and give you the good news I had a credit score of 540 as at last year before a friend told me about JOHNNIE HACKS LLC,ORG initially, I was skeptical but they have been able to increase my score to 791…..

  15. Tracy Ruth says:

    I love your videos. Found JohnnieHacksLLC•ORG and have been watching a lot of your videos for the past hour lol. I'm 54 y/o with no credit & I got denied from my Golden 1 bank a few years ago because i had 3 unpaid medical bills. They said i could get a secured card though… I never fully understood what a secured card was until i watched reach JohnnieHacksLLC, if i get a secured card and keep my utilization below 9% (to do this, i would pay off my balance every week or so), will this build my credit as quick as an unsecured card?

    John respond manner and explain then got the solution to my phenomena

    Thanks! Cheers.

  16. Dale Higgins says:

    You did a lot of talking but did not say anything. You claim to have a secret and then don't tell. I guess its good for video content but terrible for audience retention.

  17. Dale Higgins says:

    Today I believe intuit owns credit karma

  18. Jordan Pope says:

    i want you to work on my credit what is your website

  19. aubrey nelson says:

    Hey if i disputed a item multiple times on Experian thru the mail and they didn’t remove it will this process work?

  20. zaynah beth says:

    hello,I tried this hack earlier today and it only worked once. Would you mind sharing which reason you are selecting in the drop-down menu to receive successful results? there are about 14 of them, which do you suggest?

  21. Jay Reality says:

    I bought your ebook thank you! I disputed online through upturn and got 4 collections removed in under 30 minutes. Is it safe to say I can dispute those same collections online using experian with problems?

  22. Suzzett Rodriguez says:

    Why wont experian allow me to dispute online?

  23. Shenitra Adams says:

    What dispute reason will you put for the negative accounts? Thanks

  24. Shambriele Harrison says:

    i deputed 9 collection on experian website and within 3 hours they were all deleted all thanks to your advice

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