DELETE COLLECTIONS! The SECRET to Getting NEGATIVE Accounts Removed! Raise Your Score! Terri's Tips!

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DELETE COLLECTIONS! The SECRET to Getting NEGATIVE Accounts Removed! Raise Your Score! Terri’s Tips!
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how to get negative accounts off credit report

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12 Responses

  1. Royal830 says:

    Can u help me delete repos please

  2. Mz Rockel says:

    Can you do this by email if they have contacted you that way or should I send certified?

  3. Crumbo Crumbo says:

    I LOVE that you say "mother" cuz ppls don't see that as a job

  4. Helsea Jefferson says:

    Thanks for Terri’s Tips. Do you suggest paying a small collection that is not reported on credit bureau? Do I need to send a debt validation letter first ? Do most debt collectors report paid collections which haven’t even reported? What do you suggest?

  5. Beretta says:

    She has so many links idk which one is to help me fix my credit!

  6. NurseMo says:

    Yasss sis thanks i need this!

  7. Shawn Hopkins says:

    Dope video

  8. andy laabs says:

    Love your content .. I messed up last year during the pandemic and ended up getting a couple charge offs cuz unemployment took 6 months to pay me so I had no way to pay them .. and then being dumb and paying them after they charged off .. can’t seem to get those pesky things off .. payment history is 100% otherwise so it’s frustrating

  9. Judith Morales says:

    You really are the Queen of THOROUGH! I appreciate the time and effort you put into this video. Thank you Thank you

  10. Marshannon Bradley says:

    Do you have ANY ADVICE on Judgements? does the same rules apply? Please HELP!!!

  11. GFN(Givin Flowers Now) says:

    I love this content because it puts you in the driver seat to control your future, Thank you Guru!

  12. Dark Knight says:

    Hey!! Listening

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