Deceased – Surreal Overdose FULL ALBUM (2011 – Thrash / Speed / Death Metal)

Death/thrash band from Arlington, Virginia, USA since 1985. This is their 7th (and latest so far) full length album.

Released on May 2011 by Patac Records (CD format) and Hells Headbangers (LP format).
Re-released in 2012 by AreaDeath Productions (CD format) and in 2015 Lost Apparitions Records / Shrieks From The Hearse Records.

01.[00:00] Skin Crawling Progress
02.[06:53] Kindred Assembly
03.[11:21] The Traumatic
04.[17:09] Cloned (Day of the Robot)
05.[23:26] Off-Kilter
06.[28:32] In the Laboratory of Joyous Gloom
07.[35:15] A Doom-Laden Aura
08.[36:28] Dying In Analog

More info at:
— Deceased —

— Patac Records —

— Hells Headbangers —

— Lost Apparitions Records —

— AreaDeath Productions —

— Shrieks From The Hearse Records —


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15 Responses

  1. Black Flag says:

    cooll super Deceased.

  2. Infidel says:

    One of the best albums of the past decade. Sounds every bit as fresh and amazing in 2021 as it did ten years ago.

  3. Sex With Satan says:

    Fucking amazing

  4. stinkmans, kid johnny says:

    1- skin crawling progressive
    2- kindred assembly hall
    3- the traumatic tok
    4- star wars: attack of the cloned (day of the robotman)
    5- set it off- kilter
    6- in the laboratory of joyous gloomy
    7- a doctor doom- laden aura
    8- we are all dying in analog

  5. Eh, Yo! Narkill says:

    3 people eat linked dicks.

  6. Kris Maddox says:

    Full Luck of the Corpse?

  7. Robert Grenier says:

    For some reason I thought it was 1992 again.

  8. Profanation Official says:

    this band is truly outstanding! Long live the KING!

  9. Хай я Светлик! says:

    One of the best and interesting band!!!

  10. Jhony demoniosuicida says:

    que sonido tan old, tan bueno

  11. necro puto says:

    Luck of the corpse!

  12. Radosław Kucharzak says:


  13. Patrick Stott says:

    There's nothing like a bit of Deceased. Except a bit more Deceased.


    Dammnn this sounds good!

  15. The Archive 0518 says:

    starts playing okay i'll just go click the like button. excuse me.

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