Debt Validation Letter: How to Stop Them in Their Tracks: 1-888-959-1462

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Debt Validation Letter
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disputing collection on credit report

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  1. Remelle Burnett says:


  2. Client Dispute Manager Credit Repair Software says:

    Get Your Free 3 Powerful Dispute Letters and Dispute Checklist here:
    Join the Dispute Letter Club: Learn more here:

  3. phillip romain says:

    Thanks for ALL your advice

  4. phillip romain says:

    Yes I got value

  5. phillip romain says:

    I wrote ALL of them down

  6. phillip romain says:


  7. phillip romain says:


  8. phillip romain says:

    With in the first 30days

  9. Tamra says:

    You're good. I saw exactly where you were going with this letter. Taking it back to bare basics. I did a similar letter for my moms student loan debt years ago. The collection agency was so shook, they sold it back to the original loan servicer. I also went on to request a copy of their corporate charter. Hilarious. I was ready to default them due to non response until that letter came.

  10. Magna Norris says:

    Use the detailed debt validation letter perhaps after they have provided a bill.

  11. Rex Yarbrough says:

    YOU ARE THE REAL DEAL!!!!!!I didn't think it would work so I procrastinated. It took one call! I had a Medical device Collection noted on my Transunion from 2015. At the time I was disabled and on Medicaid and was told that Medicaid would pay for the $800 equipment. I never received a call, invoice, collection notice or any correspondence from the company or Collection Agency. (I have the same phone number and home address as I did in 2015) I called Medicaid and was told that they had made rental payments to the company. I was furious. All I had to do was point that out that I had never seen anything from anyone but that I had all the information I needed to fight this and said I was sending them a letter requesting validation of the debt but that they should just remove it and save us both the trouble. (I did not reveal that I had the documentation from Medicaid) They said we will get back to you. A week later I hadn't heard anything and checked my Transunion report. To my surprise, it was gone!

  12. James Ward says:


  13. Sanya Taffe says:

    For more information on starting a credit repair business, please visit or call at 1-888-959-1462

  14. david smith says:


  15. Ebborah Jordan says:


  16. Frank Fucci says:

    Hello,is it possible that you can take a picture of this debt validation letter and post it on here..I can not make out what it says when you hold it up.You did not do a screen shot when you made this would be so greatly appreciated..thank you

  17. Vick River says:

    I want to be your student I love this is very interesting God bless you thank! for the inf

  18. traviswilliams1023 says:

    Can you send me a copy of the letter

  19. Maria Gautier says:

    Thank you Mark for your valuable help & information. Sent certified validation letter to third party collections. They couldn't verify the information. Deleted.

  20. Jerald Petway says:

    jerry I got collection remove

  21. Katy S. says:


  22. Mamie Richburg says:

    I totally agree, and you are stating some hard facts

  23. Mamie Richburg says:

    I am new so I actually do not know

  24. Mamie Richburg says:


  25. Luella Nelson says:

    please tell Hector send you

  26. Shirley Coleman says:


  27. 6972Gallium says:

    Click the Like Button already! Damn!

  28. Tarael Banks says:

    I really appreciate you Mark taking time out of your day to teach me. I am excited to use this letter for my clients.

  29. Tarael Banks says:


  30. Andrea Hernandez says:


  31. Andrea Hernandez says:

    awesome info

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