Debt Collection Inquiries on Your Credit Report

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Debt collectors have what is called a permissible purpose to access your credit reports. They will regularly appear as soft inquiries. And they can even set alerts in order to monitor changes to your credit. Learn more.


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Michael Bovee started CRN in 2004 with a mission to provide people in need with detailed credit and debt help. The DebtBytes Channel is an extension of the CRN blog, and is dedicated to finding the debt relief option or strategy that works best for you.

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how to dispute a collection on your credit report

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10 Responses

  1. komoru says:

    I have no collections anymore on any of my 3 credit reports, yet I still see debt collection agencies giving me hard inquiries. Can I dispute these through each credit bureau and get them to stop giving me hard inquiries?

  2. Fred Astaire says:

    How can we stop permissible purpose access of debt collectors to our credit reports?

  3. Jose Negrete says:

    Your videos are so helpful, I have watched plenty and always read the comments. I dont think I have seen this question asked before. When trying to settle a $2500 cc debt for $900 can I pay that 900 using a credit card? Lol sounds funny but its a real question.

  4. Scott Stahl says:

    Like your videos. Could you please work on your audio. Might consider wearing a mic.

  5. brandillysmom says:

    To me, this means that I must pay special attention to all mail that comes in and frequently check my credit profile. I just paid off the only CA left on my profile in March, about 1 month after another CA dropped off of my report. I didn’t expect that to happen until September 2018. The CA that I paid off will stay on my reports until March 2019, as will the last late mortgage. My FICO score improved by 84 points(for now). I use Credit Karma to check up on things. I do think that there might be some medical bills lingering, but I won’t know until something shows up in the mail, I guess. I was thinking that with a score of 660, I could try applying for a credit card. Now I think I’ll just wait a bit.

  6. Ronald Palomeque says:

    Mr. Bovee, Is it legal for CPAs to pretend to be a law firm and threaten to sue for debt?

  7. The Extra Credit Show says:

    Great video Michael- spot on information!

  8. Hedley Lamarr says:

    Great content Mr. Bovee! Thought I would add this : received a collection letter 2 days ago that got me worried and steered me in the path of your video's . the letter was from Jefferson Capitol Systems LLC regarding a roughly 10 year old debt i had with Wachovia bank for right around $5,000 . Long story short I was panicking thinking back to dates of accounts , and the fact that Wachovia is no more as they were acquired by Wells Fargo in 2008 all this frantic searching , and researching … and then i picked up the letter and took a closer look and right under the date and my name is a teeny tiny little paragraph that says Quote : " The law limits how long you can be sued on a debt. Because of the age of your debt , Jefferson Capitol llc cannot sue you for it and we cannot report to any credit reporting agency" , and it goes on to say if I make a payment or agree to do so in writing (as Mike Said) it will restart the clock so we can potentially sue you in the future. It is a fishing expedition ! No Thank You !! Read your collection letters carefully People especially the fine print! Thanks for the videos MIke

  9. Al May says:

    I have medical debts that are being reported unpaid by multiple companies for the same debt because they have been sold more than once, is this legal?

  10. Anthony Luisi says:

    Mike can a debt collector make a "soft" inquiry even if you have a security freeze on all your credit accounts? I thought a "security" freeze would not let anyone in unless one had removed the freeze?

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