Death toll rises after powerful 8.1 quake strikes Mexico

At least 32 people died in a historically massive earthquake that struck the southern coast of Mexico early Friday, toppling hotels and houses and prompting tsunami waves and power outages; William La Jeunesse reports from Los Angeles


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  1. Oddvar Eriksen says:

    Oddvar EriksenFor 2 minutter sidenOddvar EriksenFor 2 uker sidenStange why didn't Mr. Jens Stoltenberg and Norway GOV. warn You -it was warn in 6 years before and 2 moneth before Why didn't They og to warn You and The Government of japan – why did they not do what I told them  in 1999 and  why must we have this if  we can manage to see it camming years in front – One of Japan scientist say He didn't understand – and therefore send my papir back 12 years before I told him to build up this area and Power stations – but No it was not nessesarry – so here we og again . WhyStrange why Nobody act  before – My Gov. in Norway say no like UN and we have NORSAR and USGS that don't know a damm shitt – so is Now the time to listen to the man that have warn all earthquackes since 1976 up to now 2017 and Indonesia he had 13 years forwarning and Phillippinnens 23 year but Norway Gov. don't want warn before – wait til after a hole Year in front was Mexico warn in but again nobody listen Why ??Director Oddvar EriksenThe Fharaos Electric Foundation and ScienceGlimmerveien 23615 KongsbergNorwayLes mer Vis mindre

  2. Dila Tek says:

    dat is to mek we think of god!!!

  3. live night says:

    why are they showing different places more south or by Mexico city tell the freaking true where it starts.

  4. Sheri says:

    And not a word on this quake since…. ? I cannot find any further recent coverage!

  5. MexiCANScottish Waggoner says:

    Aftermaths of the solar eclipse

  6. MexiCANScottish Waggoner says:


  7. MexiCANScottish Waggoner says:

    Wow I'm surprised to she this breaking news from fox concerning anything to do with one of the people besides Muslims they hate the most!

  8. MIKE GROSS ROCKINGUITARLESSONS1 says: It's all request and all FREEEEEEE. Subscribe now and let's ROCK YOU LIKE A HURRICANE!!!

  9. biff tannen says:


  10. donny lincoln says:

    We Are Living In the End Times….GET YOUR SELVES RIGHT BEFORE JESUS CHRIST..While you still have time…it is appointed once to die and then his Judgement. John 3:16

  11. Taylor Hope says:

    Omg did yall not know that the world is going to end?

  12. Ash K says:

    HAARP…I guarantee it!

  13. Aesthetic Baal says:

    Judgement day is coming! not a believer but you kinda think.

  14. ShmitGaming says:

    That part of Mexico is very active with earthquakes every year just like LA. Shit happens, people move on and continue with their life's once is over. That part of Mexico is beautiful tho.

  15. Barrybados©. says:

    Trump made this happen i heard .

  16. Robert Phillips says:

    Jesus is a story book character.

  17. Ivonne Morales says:

    I'm afraid of God

  18. Jim BobbleHead says:

    The Indigenous Peoples of Mexico are angry.
    They are mad at Enrique Peña Nieto in Mexico City for killing 43 students and burning their bodies.
    The Mexican Farmers sent this earthquake toward Mexico City.

  19. jdaze1 says:

    How do we get a 30 second warning? Do they know something we don't about when their going to happen?

  20. T R says:

    Gore said he can stop earthquakes…But it will come with a heavy price tag

  21. Jose canelo says:

    Caused by Harp

  22. Neptune roaming says:

    the end is nigh

  23. ThrummerOfLove says:

    So far this story is getting the Short Shrift, because of the hurricanes.

  24. Christian Cudworth says:

    People get ready, Jesus is coming.

  25. Angel A says:

    It's from the massive CME solar flares that hit yesterday. They said to expect major earthquakes

  26. ИнфоВойны says:

    The fuck is going on overseas??

  27. Flat Sun says:

    They should have paid for the Wall while they had the chance

  28. Ty VoVo says:

    So many disasters the news can't even keep up.

  29. Lorch Service says:

    8.1 buahaha. Only poor sheeps belive that.

  30. Seafarer64 says:

    Linked to the recent solar flare?

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