Death of Superman End Credits Scenes EXPLAINED!

We explain ALL the Post Credits Scenes in The Death of Superman Animated Movie, along with all the setup for Reign of the Supermen! Cyborg Superman, Eradicator, Superboy and Steel introduced! SPOILER ALERT!

End Music: ‘Man of Steel – An Ideal of Hope Meets Metal’ by Han Zimmer, performed and remixed by 331Erock –

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47 Responses

  1. Wolf Predator says:

    "Why Superman's Symbol Is Filled With Blood???

  2. 『Fizzy pop』 VEVO says:

    I actually like superboy's leather jacket it looks cool.

  3. !John*Doe! says:

    In recent news Lex Luthor, corperate tycoon is in court for unpaid child support by Superman. After claiming sole custody for superboy, Superman has demanded Luthor, have only supervised visitation on weekends.

  4. Seb says:

    In the next one could they please mix 90s superboy costume with new 52 that would be sick

  5. Briel 000 says:

    How can still Steel Fly?

  6. Carlos Hinojosa says:

    Alright. Just saw the movie. Was great. 9/10. So the eradicater is a hologram dedicated to protecting kryptonians . And and he is the one protecting Superman. Turns out Superman was alive but healing. And superboy is a clone of Superman and lex Luther. Now hensen turns out to be used to destroy earth. Hit me up if ya got any questions. I watched it all boys

  7. Nilo says:

    so basically superman is not gonna come back. so what the hell is going on?????????????????????????????

  8. Aruanga Senpai says:

    I wanted bizarro

  9. Michael Spear says:

    All that and this version of "The Death of Superman" doesn't come near the previous animated "Death of Superman"

  10. SpikeTheWolf says:


  11. Santiago Pantoja says:

    The question is what will happen to the other members of the justice league.

  12. Bovine Designs says:

    Spoilers! Superman died in "Death of Superman".

  13. Andrew Cox says:

    But no skorn?!

  14. Nils Hiltl says:

    Superboy?Sounds like a Fun Team up between Damian and Superboy :D. (Kinda like Supersons)

  15. Armand Mohammady says:

    That wasn’t star labs that was kadmus

  16. Lyric Nation says:

    Damn I feel sorry for Hank the astronaut.

  17. 44excalibur says:

    Post credits sequence explained? Jesus, pick up a comic book from 1992, why don't you?

  18. Abdullah Farabi says:

    Where was Shazam

  19. Gibe Shrugs says:

    why are you calling comics graphic novels? it's not weeb shit

  20. Dexter Ns says:

    where was shezam in the death of superman ?

  21. Corey Martin says:

    FINALLY….we get the comic book version of superboy we grew up with from the 90's. Yes, he will be a Lil cocky but in the comics he could quite mature and serious depending on the situation.

  22. TotalllyInocint says:

    I ship superbat, who else

  23. lee wilson says:

    Why was DOOMSADAY able to stab through Superman body…?

  24. lee wilson says:

    In Death Of superman .DC #52 Superman is an adult ..And his adopted father is still alive…

  25. lee wilson says:

    Who removed Superman space ship ?

  26. David Seals says:

    I'm familiar and not a fan of the reign of supermen. Superman can't be copied.

  27. Jimmy says:

    Superboy breaks out of Luthercorp, not Starlabs. We saw him in hibernation there earlier in the movie.

  28. Sudhanshu Sharma says:

    thanks dude new SUBSCRIBER to your channel

  29. Patrick Morris says:

    I'm more than willing to guess Darkseid could have had a hand in the creation of the Cyborg-Superman, given how they left the issue of Apokoliptian technology held by Intergang somewhat open. It would be an interesting compromise given how Mongul, like Darkseid, attempted to terraform the Earth with the aid of the Cyborg-Superman. Only whereas Mongul referred to Henshaw as master, Cyborg-Superman would most likely be the servant.

  30. Nathaniel Stacy says:

    Erraticator is a anti Hero kind of a version of Brainiac that has a conciusness program too.

  31. Pancho Villa says:

    Hey Man. good job great edit and content. subscribed

  32. Gian Carlo says:

    why isn't shazam in the fight against doomsday or in the funeral of superman ????

  33. john hansen says:

    I hope that they do a movie about the anti monitor

  34. Jason Barrera says:

    I wonder if this rebirth superboy will join the teen Titans, wanna see if he and beast boy would get along XD

  35. Jefferson Gilles says:

    Very not Superman lol

  36. HedgeVerse says:

    Where the hell is SHAZAM… He would beat the shit out of him

  37. Sai Sai says:

    I would love to see cosmic armor superman and superman 1 million

  38. Sai Sai says:

    Where’s bizarro

  39. ilvin adrian says:

    Connor Kent from young justice is from DC comics early 2000 and on until rebirth .-.

  40. S 87 says:

    Starlabs or Cadmus? Superboys a product of Cadmus isnt he?

  41. badraty MJ says:

    the Eradicator, is the ''supper nanny'' A.I introduced at the biggening of the movie. I just noticed damn can't wait

  42. GoldGollum says:

    DC Animated shit on DC Entertainment… Damn, I wonder if Hack Snyder watch this…

  43. biscuitninja says:


  44. Kurk Kobee Arana says:

    The origin Superman will rise again.

  45. arrownoir says:

    Need a Superboy Prime movie.

  46. Matt Oak says:

    I'm really hoping for a super sons adaptation, Jon and Damian interacting is always so nice to watch

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