DEATH NOTE (2017) Ending + Twists Explained

Explained the Ending + Twists in the new Netflix movie adaption of DEATH NOTE starring Natt Wolff, Margaret Qualley and Willem Dafoe. Plus looking at what choice I believe L makes in the finale.


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  1. NoMad says:

    L has the same name as Light Turner

  2. Rob says:

    This makes me want to watch the series again….to scrub how bad it is compared to how it's supposed to be.

  3. KkRabbit45 says:

    It’s so cringe to see how many people not understand that this is an American reimagining.
    Like you knew that it was within the first 5 minutes and still watched it-
    Yet compare it to the anime-
    In which…you already know it’s not following.

    It just hurts to see such a level of stupid from such a large amount of people.

  4. Akira evanglion Ultimate alien says:

    I also have to mention but they’re not adapting the whole series

  5. Kaijuking5000 says:

    I actually kinda like the movie I found it good hope they make a sequel

  6. Cortez Miller says:

    L wrote his Light’s name and controlled him to admit he is Kira

  7. Detective Rorschach says:

    I remember doing a voice impersonation of ryuk my cousin thought it was awesome

  8. Detective Rorschach says:


  9. Xo_amber 133 says:

    Read the manga or watch the Anime over this garbage

  10. Michael Morse says:

    I think L did kill him. I think L wrote his name and wrote that his dad would ask would his own son how he did all of this, which he does and means that has confused. That's why Death God came out of nowhere and said humans are interesting, because he was going to die in a interesting way. Now how he dies could be from his dad just shooting him or putting him in prison where he gets killed, who knows.

  11. Jessica Wood says:

    L took the pen and was about to write Lights names.
    He knows by writing down lights name that
    some one he views as an evil murder will die.
    Just as he is about to write Lights name.
    He realized that by using the death note to
    kill Light he would be doing the very thing
    that Kira was praised and feared for.
    L laughs because he now fully understands
    Lights motivation for killing those who he
    labeled as evil. If L thinks Kira is human garbage who
    needs to put on death row for using the death note.
    Then L was moment'S from violating his own code
    of justice. Not wanting to be just as evil as Kira L spares Light.
    This is why Reok finds humans interesting.

  12. Jessica Wood says:

    What would happen if light had the eyes of a death God?
    Speaking of death God eyes why doesn't Mia have death God eyes?

  13. Jessica Wood says:

    Joe Smith diarrhea himself to death.

  14. Chaan R says:

    This movie is a huge rip-off. Pfft pathetic

  15. derek marquez says:

    I don’t know much about death note, but I know this adaptation sucks, personally, I would’ve liked if this death note movie was after the anime, like if this light sees old names in it

  16. Raccoon 205 says:

    why is it so hated i really enjoyed the movie

  17. Rice Krispies says:

    Everything was terrible about this movie except the fact that L kills light with the death note, I think that would be a pretty cool alternate ending in the manga

  18. Joseph Farr says:

    If I was L, I would right Light's dad's name down.

  19. Grungy Swamp-juice says:

    Not only was this movie terrible, they also stripped away everything that made the characters compelling and turned them into a bunch of dumb kids who are just screwing around. In the original material, Light was incredibly smart, and he used that to get as far as he did with his plan. It was fun to watch as he explained how he had figured out how to do the things he did and it also fed into his downfall, when he became too arrogant. This adaptation makes Light into a screwy teenager with loose morals who's already arrogant and has a God complex. L was an incredibly smart, unapologetic character to stopped at nothing to try and solve his case, but was cold and collected. Never emotional. In this adaptation he's just.. well.. a weird guy. The ONLY positive about this adaptation is that they used Ryuk's original design and executed it very well.

  20. Misa_ミサ says:

    At school, for English I have to do a speech on ‘something we are passionate about’. It can be anything we want. My mum said to do it on why the Netflix death note film is bad. I told some of my friends and they thought it was a good idea too and said they could see me doing a good speech on it.

    I’m in the middle of planning it now and will resume after I finish writing this comment.

  21. PikáchuClásico says:

    The only good casting was the demon, the L actor was so cringe

  22. Manda Chavez says:

    I love Death Note anime, but I hate this addition. Bleach and Fullmetal Alchemist space addition where some what better. Just go watch the anime.

  23. The Unknown Shadow says:

    If this was real and in my possession i would go for kim jung ung or how ever the fuck its spelt

  24. Adam says:

    Like a cleaner easier form of dexter.

  25. KRACKATON says:

    Did anybody notice Jack Ryan on the page that near The end of the video that she tore out of the book towards the end of the video when we’re looking at it pause when she’s when he’s looking at the page married name is one of them is Jack Ryan

  26. Anselm gademann says:

    I liked the movie, but the anime is better, much much better

  27. Aj Oliva says:

    anime is way better but this garbage movie is for losers who still hate anime they always don't understand it

  28. bucketly says:

    Anime is better

  29. SuelueSour says:

    Lol I’m pretty sure L wrote his name down cuz this want mentioned in the video but…right at the end…Ryuk is in the hospital and says to light, “you humans are so strange”. Light looks to Ryuk with a terrified and confused look which was probably because L wrote his name down.

  30. Markus Mitchell says:

    I hate it when they turn Animes into real movies it's stupid

  31. Rose Ramirez says:

    One of the things I hate the most in the film was L acting so stupid and irriational, like taking a gun and a car because watari was gone? Come on, they destroyed his whole character

  32. Samuel says:


  33. MAURYtheGIANT says:

    SPOILER: L’s name is Lakeith Stanfield
    Thank me later

  34. Anthorpain says:

    I have an actual explanation, at the end, when ryuk says “You humans are interesting” it doesn’t add anything, it was a reference to the original anime, but when L is in control of the note at the end, he is trying to write ryuk’s name instead of lights, L had the chance to kill light a bunch of times, which proving he didnt want to kill light. Lets hop back a bit, remember when ryuk said, “There are 4 letters in my name, most that anyone’s gotten, were 2.”? Well he didn’t mean that he’d kill them if they tried, its because nobody knows how to spell his name, both light and watari told L about Ryuk, he tries to, but dosent know how. theres your explanation. 🙂

  35. beeto45 says:

    no matter what version of death note i see; light is so stupid by anouncing to the world about his power.

  36. Ashiro Sasaki says:

    Oh my God they killed Kenny
    You bastards

  37. BigRussianBoi71 says:

    “…You can try! But I warn you, my name has 4 letters, the most anyone’s ever gotten was 2…”

  38. Earl Leary says:

    What if….. L writes Light's dads name in the book?!?!? So Light has to experience the kind of lose L did?

  39. Kira Rembiszewski says:

    My dad loved the anime and named me kira so…. that's how I got my name

  40. Insignia says:

    I love how in the anime, Kira was calm and here they changed him to deal with stress and be under pressure more. I love that they tried their own approach. The original is still amazing, but I really appreciate the attempt to try and turn it western. Like Percy Jackson, son and half God of Poseidon, takes place in Seattle , instead of Greece.
    Though I would much rather love to see you make an ending explained of the 2006 live action movie of Death Note

  41. Nemisis McCormick says:

    Just know tappytoon is creepy

  42. erick says:

    why is L black

  43. C.O.R.E says:

    L isnt black lol

  44. Vaas Montenegro says:

    Hate me all you want idc but I liked this movie a lot and never really liked anime so I never watched the anime

  45. Botan's Apostle [1st Apostle of the twelve] says:

    It's sad that they could not even put L's way of sitting down

  46. Anna ***** says:

    This is a rape upon the original.

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