Dear Michael, Does This Make Me Gay?

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Michael answers the complicated question about whether or not people are born gay.

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36 Responses

  1. Randy Rollout says:


  2. gary56sky says:

    Check out Romans chapter 1. All procivities towards the chaos of society are the result of humans worshipping the creation rather than the Creator,

  3. Brenna Dewhirst says:

    My sister is 6 and she really like the show manifest. And I notice that she only watches the parts with the one guy in it. Amd she did the same thing when she watched Lock and Key. She only watched the big episode with Sam in it.

  4. HawkeyeSTiGuy says:

    I’m not a Dr. lol. But I don’t think I’ve ever met or heard of anyone who was gay/trans. (At least males) who did not have some gay sexual experience at a very young age(exposed to homosexual pornography, molested by someone, etc. literally all of them have been. Even Milo Yianopolous admitted that he was.

    I can’t say if people are born that way, but it really seems like it starts at an early age when kids are exposed to certain things or taught to experiment & live a certain way. It happens so young many don’t even think about it until it is brought up or they are being counseled.

  5. superdavidss says:

    For some dudes, prostatic masturbation can be become very addictive, even more if there's an underlying anxiety condition.
    Cases of sexual abuse in early childhood sometimes is associated to the issue.
    A lack of father figure can develope "romantized" feelings towards men in young boys.
    The whole approach modern psychology (APA's highly politized psychology) is let the boys run free without going deeper in the issue. There's definitively an addiction and hypersexualization problem that almost no expert is brave enough to be vocal, because of PC.
    Milo Yianopolis is exploring solutions with Church Militant lately from his personal experiences.

  6. Magnus Marchio says:

    If it wasn’t a choice it wouldn’t be spreading like wildfire. If it is the way you were born the percentages would stay relatively the same as time marches on.

  7. DonnieV says:

    No, no one is born gay.

  8. Kathleen Kalman says:

    My first husband's little brother loved dolls and pink and interior decorating from when he was very young. He never said whether he was attracted to the prince or the princess in Disney movies but he grew up to be gay.
    There are people these days though who definitely choose it – women who have been burnt by men, & men who are lazy. I've been told by men that relationships with other men are Way simpler.

  9. elric sedric says:

    I don't think it's a natural thing to get attracted to a male because it's not

  10. strongbrave says:

    Ask yourself, does it make you gay. It's not difficult. The problems lie within your mind

  11. Liga Skaba says:

    People can read Debra's Soh book regarding sexuality.

  12. Brian Coon says:

    I would extend further from your response regarding sexual ethics by saying the right time and place for doing a little sexual experimenting exists under very specific circumstances.

  13. run4walk says:

    I obviously can't give a concrete answer about why people are gay, but the idea that people are corrupted by early sexual experiences is 100% nonsense, and that I am absolutely confident of. A lot of people hold this gross misconception that gay people have been sexually abused at a young age or experience something sexual that they aren't ready for and this causes them to be gay and maybe in certain situations this could possibly happen, but it is absolutely not a main reason for it.

    I am gay, I was a very sheltered child as my mother is extremely prudish. I have experienced attraction to men as far back as I remember. I didn't know it was attraction then, but when I was watching TV I noticed some men looked good and I'd gravitate towards them (as a favourite character or whatever) as a result of it. I realised that I'm probably gay before I fully understood what sex even was. I literally never found women attractive. Someone would say "Wow, isn't she pretty" and I had no understanding of how or why they were supposed to be pretty, so I just agreed to prevent awkwardness, but I never understood. It was confusing and almost frustrating that everyone else was running off talking about and looking at girls and it was just something I couldn't connect with. However, realising that I was gay made everything make A LOT more sense for me, and it felt a lot more comfortable and, dare I say, natural for me.

    Now, I can't say with 100% certainty that being gay is natural, but I believe it is. Simply because I've had attraction to men for literally as long as I can remember and my life is very unremarkable, if it was that easy to accidentally make someone gay in the first few years of their life, then I'm sure it would happen an awful lot more than it does. It just makes no sense to me to have some negative, or perverse or unusual experience be accepted by some people as the cause of homosexuality, because from my experience, and all of other people's experiences that I know, that sounds entirely fabricated and baseless.

  14. Diego Ibanez says:

    As a gay person I can say indefinitely that being gay is not a choice

  15. Big Blue says:

    I have a natural inclination towards stabbing certain people… just saying, infer what you will…

  16. Lolita Black says:

    I think some men are born gay and some become gay after sexual abuse as children.

  17. Roddy Creswell says:

    When I can't quote the bible then YouTube is a harbinger of evil.

  18. accompanist603 says:

    as someone who used to BEG god when I was a child to make me straight, I can tell you, no one chooses to be gay. Also, he never made me straight. He either doesn't exist, or he has no problem with me being the way I was born … which is gay.

  19. James Ross says:

    Child abuse is also persistent in every society in history…

  20. torivarnor says:

    im male an my first crush were the boy in the movie "Never ending story" i do not know why.

  21. Valerie Westhoff says:

    It makes no sense for any mammal's sexual desire to be exclusively geared toward the sex with whom the reproductive act cannot result in reproduction.

  22. Robin Rainmaker says:

    Studies have shown that very often a gay man admits to being molested as a child by a male teenager or man.

  23. MOCOHO -JONNY says:

    Saying someone is born gay is like seeing someone is born to be a woman beater…..or someone is born to be a murderer…….or someone is born to be a drug addict……… humans are formed by their experiences and their environments…….Fact.

  24. Sephiroth517 says:

    Well, yeah, gay people are born that way, the main issue is how long it can take to know and assume it…

  25. JW says:

    No offense, I really like your channel, but I got absolutely nothing out of that video. Anyone else?

  26. Joseph Sanchez says:

    I was born gay.

  27. The Darren Hunter Show says:

    Michael her name is Marilyn

  28. DrCognitive says:

    I'm not 100% up on the research on this topic, but last I checked, most MODERN research indicates it is partly genetic and partly choice. Again, this isn't my area of expertise, but because I teach psychology, I've skimmed some of the research.

  29. Andy's Shanghai Life says:

    I have never had an attraction to women, not as a little kid and not now. I’ve always liked guys, even before I knew what it meant — for example, I really liked my teacher when I was 11/12 but it manifested as me really wishing he was with my mum. It took me years to realize I just liked him myself.

  30. Weakenbest says:

    100% you can be made gay/bi.

  31. Sharon Steele says:


  32. jay says:

    Low IQ people need simple answers. Real life is complex. So any simple answer is a lie. But almost everything comes from an inner emotion. If your 4 and you like blonds there is an association to blond hair and a warm memory or a need for a warm experience. You could be missing a blond mother who is gone or just love that your super loving babysitter was blond. Or a thousand other variables.

  33. Losantiville 1865 says:

    Gay men are the ultimate patriarchy!

  34. THUNDER DRAGON says:

    Let's go Brandon

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