Day 4 – Identifying Credit Report Errors – 30 Day Challenge; January 2022 – Master Your Credit

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Day 1 – Do You Need a Credit Score?
Day 2 – Sign Up for Your Free Credit Score!
Day 3 – Understanding Credit Analysis Factors
Day 5 – When is your Score URGENT & IMPORTANT

Did you know that 93% of all new year resolutions fail? The reason isn’t one of willpower or motivation. The 3 biggest reasons are:
1.No structured step-wise plans
2. No clear intermediate milestones and
3. No access to good resources.
So this year, we’ve decided to fix these 3 problems to solve the number 1 new year resolution in India, to become financially independent.
Welcome to mymoneykarma’s Master Your Finances resolution, a series of 30-day challenges that are structured to guide you through the simple 5-minute tasks you need to tick off each day to successfully master your finances.
So kick off your new year with a resolution we guarantee you can keep: the mymoneykarma 30 Day Challenge. In January, we help you Master Your Credit. Each day we’ll explain a task you can finish in less than 5 minutes. At the end of 30 days, you are guaranteed to have mastered your credit.

What is mymoneykarma?

This channel is dedicated to simplifying the concepts and best practices of Personal Finance through explainers, FAQs, tips, and educational material. We empower viewers to each become a paragon of Intelligent Finance.

Founded by a group of Stanford alumni with a strong background in banking and technology, MyMoneyKarma has been revolutionizing the Indian Fintech sector and ushering in the future of personal finance. Committed to a social mission of creating a measurable impact on people’s lives, MyMoneyKarma has empowered millions of people to reclaim control over their finances by addressing the 3 biggest issues and barriers in the sector:

Low financial literacy means most people applying for loans, mortgages or credit cards have never checked, nor heard of, their credit scores. By this time, the damage has often been done
Low information transparency means it can be difficult to know the best interest rates for each customer’s unique profile, the financial providers that offer the best terms, and how to maximize one’s chances of being approved (where a rejection further worsens the credit score)
High effort and hassle means one is too hard-pressed to shop around, try multiple options and find the best fit, instead ending up with sub-optimal decisions and a whole lot of wasted time and sweat

MyMoneyKarma’s fully online loan optimization technology helps customers with an extensive range of financial products, delivering the lowest interest rates and comprehensive service at the touch of a button.

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So far you have understood your specific need for a credit score, signed up for a free report, and taken the time to briefly understand the factors influencing your score. Today, on Day 4, your simple 5-minute task is to identify any errors in your credit report. Mistakes are usually of two types: Identity errors, and Account errors. In identity errors, your personal information might be incorrectly reported, or you might be confused with somebody else. So ensure you check all your personal information and match them with your official documentation. Account Errors, on the other hand, have a bigger impact on your score. Open accounts might be shown as closed, dates might not match your records, or there might be delinquency remarks despite timely payments. Your credit limit or current balance might be incorrect. Finally, there might be unknown accounts or transactions in your name.
Check all of these thoroughly. If you spot something you don’t recognize, or suspect to be an error, use the option to report errors, and you will be guided through the very simple process of raising a dispute with your credit bureau.
Congratulations on finishing Day 4. See you tomorrow for Day 5 of mymoneykarma’s 30-day challenge to Master Your Credit.

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how to contest something on your credit report

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