Day 1 – D&D Celebration

Tune in for a day of amazing D&D content, featuring games and panels! Check out the D&D Celebration schedule and much more about the event at:

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37 Responses

  1. Shader says:

    Lads lads lads!

  2. jack harriss says:

    Having Mark as a PC must of been a big help for Johnny. Not that they need help of course, theyve dealt with the Oxbox shenanigans long enough

  3. riftalope says:

    AD&D meets God Hates Astronauts? … SURE! Ship it to me.

  4. James Woomer says:

    Johnny in the first game sounds like the audio on TikTok that goes, “I want waffle fries” when they say things like “Yes you can.”

  5. Sheldon Carpenter says:

    Love it!

  6. Clare Travels says:

    Loved the Oxventure highroller collab! Disrupting an amazon factory is one of the funniest set ups Johnny's ever had :')

  7. Victor Sangabriel says:

    Love D&D and the team… but this event looks so low budget and improvised… people with one hour to talk when they can’t talk in public (a ummm or ahhhh every two words), a dog barking at the back, a kid playing, one guy in his kitchen…. Two months ago another company made another D&D event (G4TV)… exiting, interesting, planned…
    I can’t believe Wizards don’t have the money to improve this half cooked event.
    Sorry guys… still love you.

  8. Kelly Gingrich says:

    Was expecting Kim to start a 'break the chains!' chant

  9. Kelly Gingrich says:

    This makes me want to see more Rosemeadow with the Stormchasers, and in combat!

  10. ShaenMO Gaming says:

    The announcer voice has returned.

  11. wolvesleather says:

    I dislike the safety system. D&D has been played before for years and nobody was so sensitive that they needed safety tools. I also disliked the DM told about pixie dust not being made from ground pixies.

  12. shadowpsykie says:

    OMG I couldn’t hear Maddy’s actions at the end! What did she say/do?!

  13. S L says:


  14. HOL UP says:

    2:14:40 to 2:16:59 is just classic Corazon

  15. Jocose Sonata says:

    Well, it's Dob and Corazón. The chaos pair. I expected nothing less but ridiculous.

    No two pair can break Johnny faster than these boys.

  16. esteban280889 says:

    I think Johnny DM'd since Luke and Andy are the ones who derail things the most and he knows how to deal with them

  17. Zombiesfromjupiter says:

    couldnt stop laughing through the whole oxventure/highrollers collab… the whole cast was absolutely amazing & the puns were excellent

  18. esteban280889 says:

    I wonder what Johnnys original plan was

  19. Stephanie Haass says:


  20. Kieron O'Reilly says:

    Just wanted to say bravo to the Oxventure/Highrollers crossover! Two of my utmost favourite groups of loveable people on the internet, and they did not disappoint! SO funny. Seeing them instantly 'yes and' each other without missing a beat, and making each other crack up laughing at their jokes and meta humour was just lovely.

    Also, running at 2 hours and everything just sorta moving along without getting bogged down, this was the first d&d thing I've watched all in one sitting, without skipping through bits (like long combat turns) at all, in quite a long time. It really held my interest! Like a good comedy film or something.

    (And Johnny was the perfect DM for their nonsense. They're always so good at improvising humorous dialogue and challenges from random NPCs

    So I say again, bravo

  21. minnie moocher says:

    If I got the reference right, Mr. Astro is the Astor and if so…I LOVE IT

  22. Akmal Ibrahim says:

    Andy: We're gonna hero cooly


  23. Robert Mattox says:

    Farwell 10 hours of my life. Thank you all for posting.

  24. suntiger745 says:

    Heh, I didn’t know what to expect from the Oxventure/High Rollers stream, except shenanigans, and shenanigans was indeed delivered. XD
    I know one-shots like this usually end up on the silly side because of the nature of one-shots, but damn that was some dark humor in that one for the setting itself.
    The 2 hour contract with a clock that barely moves, the armed guards set to disrupt workers organizing, the employees not having names even between each other…
    Also, I was expecting Mark to play Sanna, but Rosemeadow was a nice surprise. 🙂

    Very fond reunion of the Eveningstar crew as well. I’ve missed seeing them and what a way to kick off season 4!
    The tournament was really cool and aside from being a dragon, I’ve known people exactly like that sapphire gem dragon when it comes to martial arts. XD
    Also, adult dragon ally/asset? Jackpot. 🙂

  25. melissa carlock says:

    Loved the livestream, the crossover was great period as an aside I have to say Johnny playing a monkey was a highlight he is always an amazingly animated DM who thinks on his feet. I love all you guys

  26. bigollameo says:

    I'm subscribed to the D&D channel and this was the first I've heard about any celebration going on. Would have loved to know about this earlier.

  27. Russell Houghton says:

    Editing….Because no one decides to watch a video so they can enjoy 20 minutes of intro music.

  28. Mark Scholes says:

    God……that was unbearable. I love Oxventure but this…. too much. The bearded guy doing a female centaur high pitched voice, and the other two. It's like having three flannery's in one party or three Alan Carrs. I know D&D is somewhat inherently camp but come on. There is only so much cringe a person can deal with at one time

  29. Travis Spaulding says:

    What a fun adventure, Corazon and Dob meet rainbow dash and friends

  30. Oryza Anggara says:

    what a fun session! I was curious about ..why did Kate mention "not into social media again …"? whats the story?

  31. michael riggs says:

    Cool. Joust mechanics please?

  32. Nathan Halashewski says:

    Well done Johnny and the crew! That was a lot of fun

  33. Subcomandante73 says:

    Time stamps are good, 10hr upload is bad.

  34. Steve Archer says:

    I'm gonna try and get the timestamps as best I can. Please be kind!

    Intro – 00:13:05
    High Rollin' Oxventure: Worlds Collide – 00:27:45
    Intro to Adventurers League – 02:28:01
    Disco does D&D – 03:53:55
    The Great Dragon Tourney – 05:30:28
    The Feywild: The Wicked and The Whimsy – 07:30:20
    Players of the Yon – 08:28:03
    Day Wrap – 10:31:31

  35. Simon Clark says:

    It starts at 13:04. The rest is up to you.

  36. TheRondog19871 says:

    Will the participants be able to post thier own sections onto thier channels?

  37. TheBaldParakeet says:

    Chapter breaks or a table of contents? I love the stream but wow

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