Data Security with Elizabeth Zalman: #AskTheCEO Episode 50

Elizabeth Zalman is the Co-founder & CEO of strongDM, the definitive data security product. Previously she was Co-Founder and CEO of the cross-device profile company Media Armor. After its acquisition, she served as VP of Analytics at the acquirer, Nomi. Prior to Media Armor, she led the client analytics and media optimization team at Dotomi (now Conversant), generating an annual $500M in incremental revenue for 50 of the IR Top 100. With over 15 years’ experience leading data-driven organizations, she is an expert in analytics, data privacy, and security.

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Erik Knight, CEO SimplWan, Phoenix, AZ
I think the big topic on everyone’s minds right now is the Equifax breach. Its come to light that the Chief Security Officer had an art degree and limited real world experience. I would love to hear your thoughts on what major corporations have learned from all of this and have they learned?

William Moore, President Global IT Solutions, Piscataway, NJ
William thinks you have a great product. He’s seen and read about companies that do not address ‘orphan user ids’ and the companies wind up being victims of malicious acts by disgruntled employees that have been terminated or suspended. The companies often rely on IT or someone to take care of this issue, and sometimes things ‘fall between the cracks’, and it just doesn’t get done.
Do you offer, or have you considered offering “Post Mortem Unauthorized Access Detection”? In other words, generating an ‘audit’, which represents the instances, and data, that have been accessed, in an unauthorized capacity after an employee was suspended or terminated?
Sometimes people don’t realize breaches have happened until it is too late.
Sometime Hackers use dummy User Ids that are not mapped to HR Employees – either because of terminated/suspended employees or the employees never existed.

Agnès Vayssière, RiskIQ, London, England
Since your solution seems to be revolving around IAM (Identity and Access Management), how did you get the idea to simplify that process?

Scott Schober, CEO Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Metuchen, NJ
People will always trade security for convenience…how can you get convenient access to your data without compromising keeping it secure?

Deidre Diamond, Founder & CEO CyberSN and, Boston, MA
I would like to know about challenges you faced as a woman that you don’t see men facing.


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