CSSSJ2017 Session 4: The Security Conversation You Need to Have – Cylance

Session 4: Risk Mgmt- If There is a Conversation You’ve Been Avoiding – That’s the One to Have
Speaker: Malcolm Harkin, Chief Security and Trust Officer, Cylance

Description: The biggest vulnerability we face today and in the future, is the misperception of risk. A perfect storm of risk has been brewing for decades and has hit with full force the past few years. It has moved from a backroom issue to the boardroom and many have not been prepared. This discussion will be about cyber risk leadership and the external and internal battlefields we face. We will explore what it takes to be a hero or heroine to navigate these battlefields and survive.
We will discuss ways to communicate risks so that Executives will comprehend cyber risks not from the doom and gloom to scare people in to purchases but in the context of the enterprise risk and the top 10 universal business risks. Additionally, we will explore what everyone needs to look for in security solutions to ensure they meet the “hero or heroine” status that is required to achieve your business goals.

Intended Audience: The primary audience is CIOs and other IT leaders, CISOs and other information security leaders, IT auditors, and other leaders of corporate governance and risk functions. The secondary audience is CEOs, board members, privacy professionals, and less senior-level information security and risk professionals

This video was filmed at the September 21, 2017 Cyber Security Symposium held in San Jose CA

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