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  1. Ray Bickham says:

    Brandon I have 1 hard inquiry out of three credit reports. Do I even bother?

  2. Ray Bickham says:

    Too hard on Jerome bro..LOL!

  3. Quinton Ashton says:

    Hey Brandon, this is Quinton from Riverside CA
    I signed up with awesome life group about 2 weeks ago and all 3 derogs on my TU are removed so far. How long does it take for the CB to update the score? BTW is this normal, 2 weeks? oh yeah!!! Keep up the great work. Thanks y'all.

  4. Monica Adams says:

    That’s the same thing that is happening to me. Creditors can’t find my account and went to debt law firm but they have nothing on file other than what I owe. I can’t wait for that to be deleted. I still see balance on my bank account.

  5. Carlos Cavazos says:

    Great Video Jerome, opps I mean Brandon. LOL

  6. Cortney Latney says:

    Brandon do you have an SOL letter? Also, if my certified letters come back undelivered, should I go straight to the cfpb? Freaking car dealership won't pick up / accept the letters that I'm requesting my original application I signed with THEM. Yet they ran 23 hard inquiries all over the world and I still didn't get a car. #SubscribeTribe4LIfe

  7. Anthony Lumpkin says:

    Which package to order to remove hard inquiries on your site

  8. TheDailyTechDose says:

    I am just starting the process with Klorissa. Can’t wait to get things going!

  9. artrese lyles says:

    This is my exact story, my son signed a letter does that count. Can your team help with this.

  10. FrashionMC says:

    Subscribe Tribe

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