Credit Sweep vs Credit Repair | Best Dispute Letter Methods

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Today, we’re talking about the difference between credit sweeps and credit repair. If you would like to learn more about how to do a credit sweep, head to and review the links below:

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Video notes:
Today, we’re talking about the
difference between credit sweeps and credit repair. And you may
be surprised about some of the things that we’re going to go
over because you see a lot of people think that when I say
credit sweeps, I’m talking about the illegal identity theft
method. You know what I’m talking about, where there’s a
police report. You’re saying, Hey, these things don’t belong
to me. I’m a victim of fraud. And you know, this is all an
attempt to get the negative items off in as little as four
business days instead of waiting months and months or sometimes
years. Right now, if you were listening, you heard me say
illegal. Now, let me just explain that real quick, because
it’s very, very important. It’s illegal to do an identity theft
credit sweep. If you are not a victim of fraud, right? You see
over the years, many, many, many consumers I’m talking millions
of consumers made it more difficult. Now for actual
victims of identity theft to utilize section 605 B, which is
the section that allows you to remove your negative items with
a police report using the identity theft sweep. Right? And
this was because they wanted to get their negative items off us.
Hey, you know what? I’m not hating. I don’t judge. You know,
you try to find loopholes and everything and try to find
shortcuts. But these shortcuts, the loopholes in, you know,
utilizing this when people weren’t supposed to meet it. So
that actual true victims of identity theft now can not, or
virtually can not get their negative items off. And as well
as for businesses, because they end up spending years and years
going around in circles saying, I am a victim right now that no,
you’re not. Yes I am now. Yes, ma’am. And it’s just a huge game
of cat and mouse. Right? So I wanted to be very clear that
when I say credit sweep, I’m not talking about the illegal
identity theft sweep. Okay. So now that we have that part out
of the way, we’re going to talk about the difference between
credit repair and credit sweeps, where your results are
concerned. Okay. So what is regular credit repair? Well,
that is a great question to the person who didn’t ask it. So
regular credit repair is normally a drawn out process
somewhere between, let’s just say, 12 months and five years.
And yes, I do have people that come to me after five years and
say, Hey, I’ve been doing this, that, and the third with
companies, a, B and C or even myself. And now I’m trying to do
a credit sweep. And most of the time I can’t help. Right.
Because the longer you dispute -the harder to get the
negative items off, but that’s a different video. Okay. So here’s
the deal when you’re doing regular credit repair and you’re
with a company that does regular credit repair. Normally they’re
doing only a couple of negative items per month. Let’s just say
nine items per month per bureau. And they do one bureau at a
time. And of course you never get to see what they’re doing
because they’re just sending out regular templates, a template.
And I did clarify what the template is in my previous
video, where I gave you the checklist a template is where
you were basically sending the exact same letter that you found
over given. And, you know, normally has a couple of laws
thrown in there and pursuant to this, that, and the third, you
need to do this and the third, right. Or I’m going to X or Y or
Z. Okay. So the only difference between your letter and someone
else’s letter is that it’s your name, date of birth address and
social and accounts versus someone else’s name, date of
birth address and account. Okay. And social. So besides that, the
exact, excuse me, the letter is exactly the same. Now, one of
the things that you want to understand is that this same
letter is being sent out for millions of people.

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