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Today’s video is the BulletProof Dispute Training and this is also added to a brand new playlist for the book coming out at the beginning of next month (watch video for more info)! You can access this PDF using 1 of the following 2 links:

BulletProof Dispute Training Part 1
PDF Version
DisputeIQ Training


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Video notes:
What’s up. What’s up tonight We
are doing some Bulletproof dispute training. Now this is
actually something that is part of something much, much bigger.
Okay. So this PDF is part of the Bulletproof dispute training
book. Okay. And there’s two links down in the description.
One to pull this up, if you want to go and mark this up
digitally, and one to access the PDF to print it out, just the
way that I’ve intended. All right. But we’re going to do
this first one together. And this may look a little bit
familiar in structure if you’ve done dispute IQ quiz before.
Okay. And I have a whole series of DisputeIQ and I’m
going to post that down in the description as well. All right.
So any who let’s get to it, if you are struggling with getting
results and you don’t know how to do factual disputes, and this
is going to be the thing for you, and this is this one’s
actually pretty basic, right? So anyways, pause this, go grab one
of the links in the description and do this one. All right. So
let’s look at number one and I’m going to go and grab a pen real
quick. Let’s choose. We are going to choose a purple okay.
Question number one. What is the maximum number of accounts
disputed per letter? And we have a maximum per letter per
envelope per account. And we have a couple of other things,
right. But we are only doing per letter right now. Okay. So the
correct answer to this is actually going to be C 10th. You
want to have a maximum of 10 accounts per letter, and now
there is an exception. The exception is only medical with
medical. You can have an unlimited number of disputes per
letter. Okay. And remember, it is one letter per envelope,
meaning Experian one letter goes in an Experian envelope. Okay.
And then per letter, we have 10, 10 accounts unless it is
medical. Okay. So unlimited would be medical and then per
account, we have one dispute reason. Okay. So there are
probably at about 10 other things that I could go on about
with limits, but let’s go to the next one. What is the correct
order from easiest to remove, to most difficult to remove and
I’ve randomized them. Okay. So the very first thing is actually
going to be medical accounts. That is number one, number two.
And I want for you to fill this out first. Okay. So number two,
let’s just look at them. We have late payments over two years
old, charge offs for closures and repossessions, student
loans, bankruptcy, utility bills, and other third-party
collections, judgments and tax liens, late payments, less than
two years old, medical collections in Greece and debt
buyer collections. So number two is going to be judgements and
tax liens. Number three is going to be utility bills and other
third-party collections. Number four is going to be a late
payments. Over two years old, number five is going to be
inquiries so five. And then number six, let’s go check it.
Oh, we have charge offs for closures and actually student
loans, bankruptcy late payments, less than two years old, that is
going to be six. Seven is going to be debt buyer collections,
like portfolio recovery. And then we have a, what are we on
eight? We have charged offs, nine foreclosures and
repossessions, 10 student loans and 11 bankruptcy. Okay. So a
lot of people don’t realize that each type of negative item has
its own average length of time for removal. Okay. So if you’re
disputing bankruptcy, you’re not going to put, um, well, let me
rephrase that. If you’re disputing a bankruptcy and you
are also disputing medical, your medical is bound to come off
faster because of the type of account it is. Okay. So you have
to get familiar with how long certain things take to remove.
And I have a plethora of videos on that as well.

Please watch: “Breakdown : HOW I Deleted 450 Accounts on 1 Credit Report”


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