Credit Sweep Cheat Sheet Series Vol 1 | Credit Repair Beginner's FAQs

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Today we’re starting a new series: the Credit Sweep Cheat Sheet series and this is volume 1. When we’re done, each of these will be compiled into a book and made available to you. If you would like to learn how to do factual based- disputes to remove virtually any negative account from your credit report the right way, check out the links below:

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⭐️ Video notes:
I hope you are in the mood to
learn, because today we’re actually starting a new series
and this is the credit sweep cheat sheet series. And this is
volume one. All right. So this may be a little bit longer, but
you’re gonna learn. So make sure you like this video because
you’re gonna find it valuable and subscribe if you haven’t
done. So, because you need to learn this stuff so that you can
remove your, I get of items and have the right mindset to
actually go through the process. All right. So let’s start with
the FAQs. What business are the credit bureaus in data business
they obtain, maintain and sell your information. Don’t get it
twisted. Okay. How many accounts should be disputed per letter, a
max of 10 per letter unless medical collections. And just so
you know, an unlimited number of medical actions can be disputed
per one letter. How many dispute reasons should be per account?
One reason per account, unless blatant inaccuracies used are
virtually certain to remove the account on that round. Now let’s
pause right there real quick. If you wanna learn how to do
factual based disputes and do it the right way, head over to seven or Hey, if you don’t wanna do any of
this stuff because you just don’t wanna learn it, that’s
totally fine. Maybe you don’t have time cut over to my seven and see if I can help you and do a credit suite for
you. Now, the last note that I wanna give you is that I’m gonna
take all these cheat sheets and turn it into a book that will be
available when I’m done with all of my cheat sheets. Right? So
let’s get back to it. How long should I wait between dispute
rounds to the credit bureaus 30 days? Do I have to wait for a
response from the bureaus before sending another letter? No, the
CRAs may or may not respond in all required information can be
extracted from a new credit report. What happens if the
bureaus don’t respond, pull a new report, check for updated
info and then write a dispute letter using the new and
relevant data for a dispute reason for each account. Do I
have to send certified mail with return to receipt? You may send
dispute letters via regular mail. They do not have to go out
certified. They can though, if that’s your prerogative, all
right, what’s the difference between a factual dispute and a
regular credit repair letter credit repair dispute letters
are normally law, heavy cookie cutter disputes and factual
dispute letters are custom and include dates and balances
directly taken from the credit report. Metro two format. The
Metro two file format is a particular type of file used by
credit, excuse me, creditors, to send data to the credit bureaus.
And it’s the format through which data gets added to their
credit bureau databases. So a Metro two file is a database
file with fields to match virtually everything you can
imagine related to creditor, excuse me, credit and consumers.

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