Credit Scores Are Dead

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0:00 Intro
2:11 The Problem with Credit Scores
5:05 Weird Places Credit is Used
9:13 How You Can Work The System & Increase Your Credit
13:32 The Potential New Credit System

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New credit score
Credit system
New credit system
New FICO system
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28 Responses

  1. Dirty Harry says:

    Lol got a credit score ad before the vid.

  2. Hopefulbond says:

    You can make them an authorized user without giving them a card.

  3. Angela Frey says:

    No wonder why so many people in Florida drive with no insurance!! I may have to follow suit. I'll be damned if I'm going to pay more for insurance like I have been all these years because I pay cash for things. I don't have bad credit, I have NO credit! Because the bills I do pay don't get counted towards my credit like they apparently do for rich people who pay everything with a credit card! I'm sorry but they shouldn't charge the little man more money and I refuse to play the credit game! That's more money out of my pocket when I don't pay cash for my items that I need or want. Why should I pay their annual fees and their interest on their cards? It's just a trap!! Just like when you put your money in the bank, if you don't have a lot of money you don't make any money on it!! But yet they're using your money to make money, but you don't get anything for it… all you get is a bunch of fees! You get your checking fee, you get your ATM fee, you write your friend a check and they go to your bank and cash it and they charge them a fee, you need a cashier's check, well, there's another freaking fee!!!
    And what's this new crap about these companies that I pay my monthly bills to, you know the ones that don't report to my credit bureau that I do pay my bill's! YA them… they charge you to pay over the phone using their automated system, they charge you to pay online, they charge you to mail it in, they charge you if you call it in and speak to a human, they charge you to walk through their doors to pay it!! THAT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!!!! Sometimes I almost can't wait till this world implodes, it's absolutely freaking ridiculous, it's just a trap…. all of its bullshit!

    Great, now I sound like Sheldon…. It's a trAP. It's a tRaP. It's a TRap. It's a TRAp.

  4. Heart2HeartBooks says:

    You mean Russian "Toilet"

  5. albert Guillen says:

    Can the public make credit of course not the government only

  6. albert Guillen says:

    Credit is a word the bank take your cash

  7. Nicholas Private-Address says:

    China. Social Credit. It’s coming . And it aint pretty.

  8. Usmc Todd says:

    Stop defending people who don't pay their bills! You are emphasizing mistakes on reports, when you should really explain how the system works as it should. Nothing is absolutely perfect.

  9. BigRed DaMan says:

    Nice, as soon as my credit gets good

  10. Midwest Chris says:

    I've had an error on my credit report for 8 years now and it's damn near impossible to get the agencies to fix it.

  11. Hugo Boss says:

    The real reason is that too many people have learned how to manipulate the bureaus to achieve a desired outcome. People know how to build new profiles with 700+ fico scores from scratch then go get funded. The government is tired of reimbursing $ to the banks to cover the losses (fdic) when we figure how to benefit they always change the rules!! Theres no way to get a cpn by the federal government.

  12. Trenton Michael says:

    My credit trans union went from 580 to 0.same as my Experian 0 and my Equifax is 590 it went up and them went to pretty much zero
    For 6 months I have revolving credit
    And pay my car loan and cell phone

  13. strattuner says:

    THE FIRST 50k i borrowed i didn't have a credit score,there weren't any prior to 1975,bought houses and cars motorcycles all with my name and the willingness to pay them back,now they won't even talk to me,same guy,same income,they're criminal loaning out printed money,and i know its just a way of keeping count,doesn't matter,i only need 6 figures now to make my present dreams materialize,good luck to all of the new kids trying

  14. Lisa Smith says:

    Awesome video very educational

  15. toeknee Lorenzo says:

    It doesn't have to b a dollar but shud b at 1 percent i leave about 3 bucks . I let the 3 dollars n pay it my next month that tge bill is due

  16. Benny Duran says: wonder people are maxing them out LOL

  17. Shan Shan's Enlightment says:

    Thats gd

  18. Kamron Dasani says:

    max, if you see this my question for you is – if i'm already at a 700+ credit score and have been paying off the full bill in total, is the tactic to leave the remaining $1 even effective in making a difference? or not, for someone who already has a 700+ score

  19. Rahsaan Ephriam says:

    Hey Max how does joining your Patreon benefit me? I want to but that's my only question.

  20. Rebecca Stratton says:

    Man I hope this is true!

  21. jopalolive says:

    Thank you for an excellent video presentation.

  22. Russ DAngelo says:

    I don't agree wtih you. I use 0 Utilization, not have a dollar balance. That's stupid. U lost me with Biden. He is a baffoon and shuld leave the credit system alone. He has no idea how to run the country. Don't mention that moron!!

  23. Sonja Stewart says:

    Too bad neither of the Big 3 will want to do anything to help us..

  24. mark robert devison says:

    My FICO is 821. It can't go much higher.

  25. Crypto Drag says:

    There are too many slaves to tend too. That's why credit issues cannot be corrected. Its more profitable for banks to keep as many credit scores low as possible.

  26. Victor Garcia says:

    5% errors V. 95% accurate.

  27. T Flowers says:

    10:42 is there an initial credit penalty for authorizing someone under my credit?

    Or if I am understanding you correctly, the greatest potential penalty would be the wrong person authorized under my credit misspending..?

  28. Jordan Clemons says:

    Max, this is Netflix level of documentary

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