Credit Score Explained! Mistakes to avoid when SHOPPING FOR THE BEST LOAN

There are so many credit mistakes to avoid when you are young!! Especially when it comes to Shopping for the best loan, you want to make sure you avoid these mistakes and really understand what makes up your credit score.

00:00 Credit mistakes to avoid when you are young! SHOPPING FOR THE BEST LOAN
01:40 Fico score vs vantage score
03:50 How payment history affects credit scores
05:17 How much available credit do you need
06:51 Duration of credit history
07:57 Mix of credit types
08:56 Do credit Inquiries affect your score

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The difference between APR and Interest Rate:
How Mortgage APR Works:
How Much House Can I Afford?:

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8 Responses

  1. anna Timosh says:

    Thank you Lizy ! Very helpful and easy to understand

  2. İsmail Atceken says:

    My fears about this new credit model are if they start implementing the Chinese model with this model. I’ve heard rumblings of them wanting to use your Internet search history and other social decisions that you make to be included like whether or not you get your vaccine. I know they want to implement more of a Chinese style social credit score system which would be horrific for freedoms in our country. They always make it seem like a good idea and try to spin it with the fluffy stuff but I have a feeling this goes much deeper than just helping out the little guy. I can almost guarantee this will grant people more control over our lives. I feel so lucky for coming across some guys. I was in bankruptcy and glued to crushing student loan debt which I still battle in my mid 40’s. Thanks to the team at CREDITMASTERFIX⏺COM .. I am no longer in bankruptcy & repo; all negative marks erased and to top it off they assisted me with my student loans, which I no longer have! I can now move forward in my life and live a life free of financial hardship.

  3. Sami OZAN says:

    wake of prescribing this clasp to gain proficiency with some information about credit….

  4. Ahmet ÇİĞDEM says:

    CREDITMASTERFIX on !G did a fantastic job on my credit, I had a very low credit score I couldn't get approved for any credit cards, which was very disappointing for me. I started Fixing my credit in December of 2016 and there hasn’t been much improvement since then. I got referred to CREDITMASTERFIX and they were able to help boost my credit and deleted all my inquiries and collections, now my credit score is 810 across all the bureaus with all negative items on my credit deleted.

  5. CPSeymoursSeed says:

    So helpful

  6. Doug Schemmel says:

    Pretty sure there is no one as informed and passionate about helping customers understand the loan process. Having bought several homes in multiple states I have seen all types of loan officers. Too bad I’m not buying in Arizona but would recommend you hands down to handle my home loan.

  7. Danielle Brignola says:

    Yes thanks lizy!! I'm following your advice!!

  8. Syreeta J says:

    Thank you

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