Credit Restoration vs Credit Repair | Remove Negative Items Off Your Credit Report

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Credit Restoration vs Credit Repair
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There are bad actors in the credit repair and restoration industry, and you can identify them by a few common red flags. The FTC warns that you are dealing with a scam if the company does any of the following:

Insists you pay them before they do any work on your behalf…

They tell you not to contact the credit reporting companies directly…

They advise you to dispute information in your credit report even if you know it’s accurate…

They recommend you give false information on your applications for credit or a loan…

They don’t explain your legal rights when they tell you what they can do for you…

If you made a mistake with your credit in the past and have a negative item on your report that is accurate you should not try to remove it. A credit repair company may remove it temporarily, but it will eventually come back. Just remember that you should not dispute accurate information. It’s just not worth the headache, because it won’t likely lead to positive results.

Another good rule of thumb is that if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably isn’t true! Legally, this can take the form of “deceptive acts and practices.” When a credit restoration company makes promises about quick fixes to your credit score, and that you will experience a significant improvement, they may be breaking the law when they do not deliver on those promises. This was the main issue in the CFPB’s recent suit against a credit repair company. That company had racked up $23 million in fees, all while not delivering on its promises to consumers.

If your credit score is bad, you should try to fix it yourself. Often repair services don’t work.


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