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We learned how to remove bankruptcies from credit reports a couple of months ago.

But in the meantime, I’ve found out a BRAND NEW SECRET!

And Credit Heroes know that learning is a lifelong process.

Today, I’ll show you THE NEWEST secret way to remove a bankruptcy from a credit report.

You’ll learn how to get a golden ticket and how to use it to make credit bureaus respond with a deletion.

Do you want to have another credit repair trick up your sleeve?

Well, do you want to be a step closer to building your own credit repair business?

Then, join me for this episode!

Key Takeaways for This Week:

Intro (00:00)
Inspirational story: Credit Hero Swan J. found first clients in a Starbucks (01:12)
Does one mistake really have to affect your life for the next ten years? (02:20)
A technicality that helps to remove bankruptcies from credit reports (03:29)
Disputing client’s LexisNexis report (04:52)
A letter to the court where the bankruptcy record is filed (07:09)
A golden ticket to removing the bankruptcy and how to use it (08:55)
Get into our Credit Hero Challenge (10:43)

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37 Responses

  1. isaiah santana says:

    can i hire you? im about to do a chapter 7 bankruptcy in new york city and i would love to try to get this bankrutpcy off my credit!!

  2. Anthony Smith says:

    How soon after fling bankruptcy can I start this process of removal?

  3. LifeWithCierra says:

    Thank you so much!!!!

  4. jerome clarke says:

    You are AMAZING! Would this be the same process for Tax Liens also?

  5. John Macros says:

    What certification do you earn and is it reputable

  6. Dawn Smith says:

    Thanks Daniel! #CreditHeroGenius strikes again!!!

  7. Throop Stories says:

    Can you just freeze your Lexis nexis

  8. retycoon100 says:

    got the court letter saying don't report and disputed with lexis nexis and got removed from there files sent both letters on various separate occasions still saying verified as accurate, filed cfpb report on each bureau, and cb's all close cfpb file with response to investigate and still come back as verified accurate and I have letters stating NO BK in my lexis nexis file just seems to be a he say she say now, I've seem to hit a wall. Filing a Cfpb report for me was useless. How can they let the cb's close the file before they finish there investigation. Waste of time for me, no change in results.

  9. TT says:

    I got the BK removed from Lexis Nexis and sent the credit bureaus the proof from Lexis Nexis and the court letter and filed a CFPB complaint and they still came back saying verified. All reports are frozen with third party vendors and i already got old addresses and name variations moved. It’s been about 6 months with no results

  10. Jonathan C says:

    Question do we sign the letter or print our name, date and give the docket number or anything retaining to pacer findings or account number?

  11. Katrina Ball says:

    If the bankruptcy was filed from my current home address what should I do prior to attempting to have the bankruptcy removed?

  12. humberto perdomo says:

    I deleted from lexis nexis experain is giving me a hard time sayin they want a court paper stating I don’t have a record

  13. Team Tommy says:

    What do we do if the bureaus still will not remove with a letter from the court and proof of removal from Lexis Nexis? They came back to the CFPB complaint stating it was still verified.

  14. Letsgetmoney2015 says:

    Hey Daniel. How about if you freeze the LexisNexis report instead of disputing? Will that help?

  15. Denice Weist says:

    Could you help me find copies of sample dispute letters, I looking for one that gets items off that were including in a bankruptcy

  16. Rupert Pupkin says:

    Hello Daniel. Thank you for the very useful information. What is the FCP and how do you contact them ?

  17. Lupita Hernandez says:

    How long would this typically take to resolve?

  18. 4UCESO says:

    Once the credit file is reporting accurate personal info on all 3 agencies. Should there be a FREEZE on the credit file before pulling and requesting deletion of bankruptcy?

  19. Meghan henry says:

    Hey thank you for this I'm definitely going to try this you are appreciated.

  20. Green Samurai says:

    Which PACER account option is needed? CASE search only or non Attorney Filers?

  21. laura beta says:

    cool and nice

  22. Sarah Smilez says:

    Question? Daniel are you stating to delete the address that you filed the BR under? Even if it's you current address? Please Clarify. Thank You!

  23. Adam Whibley says:

    Another great resource for all the credit Heroes out there 🙂

  24. Donnell Barnes says:

    Thank you for this. I just sent my electronic request for my Lexis Nexis report so that I can get the process started

  25. MF The Spiritualist says:

    For the Lexus nexus do I ask for my personal information to be deleted?

  26. MF The Spiritualist says:

    How should I register. Case search only or non-attorney filers?

  27. MF The Spiritualist says:

    How do you know if it should be 7 or 10?

  28. Julia Wanjiku says:

    Yet another insightful piece, thank you for sharing.

  29. Benson Murage says:

    This is really helpful, Daniel! Thank you for these nuggets!

  30. what-it-Do Boyce says:

    Valuable information thank you

  31. Aviator Peck says:

    Thank you!!

  32. Tee Couture says:

    Thanks for the knowledge

  33. tiffany mayfield says:

    I have removed the bankruptcy from lexis nexis and equifax. I also have the letter from the court. However, I'm still struggling to remove it from Experian and Transunion. Both agencies insist that Lexis Nexis is verifying it. Lexis nexis reports that it was removed and that they have not verified it with either agency. I've submitted cfpb complaints for lexis nexis nexis, experian, and transunion, but so far nothing. Lexis Nexis sent me a letter saying that they have not verified this record with any of the bureaus in July. Today I did a BBB complaint against experian and transunion. I'm thinking about filing a complaint with the attorney general of Mississippi. It's like the bureaus aren't even looking at letters but rather just issuing a computer generated response!

  34. Adan Espino says:


  35. Luna Fagan says:

    Wow! These are great tips, thanks Daniel!

  36. Maria Cortinas says:

    Hey Daniel, thank you for sharing your knowledge! We all appreciate it! <3

  37. Prospective Vision Solutions LLC says:

    Thank you!!!!

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