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31 Responses

  1. Love says:

    Iam interested in adding 15 k line of credit for personal 51:16

  2. Sunshine says:

    Youtube is not messing up,Youtube knows what is going on

  3. Sunshine says:

    Someone have huck or something is not adding up,asking as and address and date of birth is not adding up,I have to freeze my information,I paid 300,and when I told them I don’t want to be helped,to return my money back ,they never spoke to me again,they are not genuine.if they are return my money back

  4. Denise Southworth says:

    what's good
    my kid's dad is a senior disabled vietnam veteran who was a victim of BOA equity loan after he broke his back and was in a coma. they took advantage of him and gave him an equity loan, paying interest only for the amount of 69,000.00.. Imagine that? Now he's been paying for over 16 or more years and we own a house and BOA has placed this predatory loan/interest and is now in collections with their BOA signia on the so called statement.. he wants to know if they can take the house if he doesn't pay, because it's gone into collection?? please help.. I know that BOA is notorious for predatory loans… but, to charge him that amount interest alone? he has literally paid the principal… why would he have to pay them at all? They took advantage of him… please get back to me… thanks

  5. Knuckle Head Drivers says:

    Regardless of your attire you look relaxed and it's good to see this laid back side of your personality.

  6. Marie Midy says:

    Good day I would like to reach out to you for the 501C 3 course, what should I do next?

  7. Markenstech911 llC On GOogLe says:

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  8. michael says:

    I'm not a client yet, But would love to be. How would I join your school.

  9. Marcus T. Williams says:

    Read about the hippa law for medical bills…

  10. D ROe says:

    Makes sense

  11. mangamegs says:

    Nice info but please don't ever buck your eyes again like in that thumbnail.

  12. JohnJohnReviews says:

    Man!! U still rocking!! That’s wassup

  13. Kate Heather says:

    Hello, I would like to share my testimony here deepwebservice01 AT gmail DOT com raised my credit score immensely and I could not have had 850 score without the help of their experts. I’m very grateful and would recommend them to anyone! They also clear debts, remove bankruptcy, student loans.

  14. HarlemWorld KING says:

    Peace gd info bruh… u care….

  15. saladbowl trucker says:

    Your on point the whole video brotha…. Dont rush for no one

  16. Chuck D says:

    Someone please help me understand why an inaccurate collections account was deleted from my report, yet my score decreased 10 points with no other adverse changes to my report. Thanks

  17. Chris. BCC says:

    I always support always, please edit. The first 10 minutes is about jibber jabber

  18. Tammay Morton says:

    got it !

  19. Tammay Morton says:

    make sense

  20. Tammay Morton says:

    subscriber family

  21. Angela Herod says:

    your clothes do not make you. you make the clothes swagger… have great day.

  22. Angela Herod says:

    never have.

  23. Angela Herod says:


  24. 404TRUCKER says:

    Tell em dean! They don't listen lol

  25. Tom Drouhard says:


  26. Tabitha David says:

    Hey Dean, I am enrolled in your course. I more so bought it for the business credit knowledge but noticed the 720 Coaching. I have been paying for credit repair for the last few months and it is honestly not doing much. Being that another company has been doing disputes for me, would it cause any negative effect in the process if I were to stop their service and begin implementing your tools from the 720 FICO coaching?

  27. Alvin Neal says:

    Got it

  28. I Am says:

    Make Sense

  29. Lynetta Jones says:

    Makes sense

  30. Lynetta Jones says:

    With you

  31. Lynetta Jones says:


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