Credit Repair Q&A: Incorrect Names & Addresses on Credit Reports

Credit Repair Q&A: Incorrect Names & Addresses on Credit Reports

In this video, Rondi discusses the importance of removing old and incorrect names and addresses from your credit report.

Rondi explains how incorrect names and address affect your credit score.


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8 Responses

  1. Tim Cook says:

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  2. Te'Yanna Bailey says:

    Best explanation ever. You were clear and made it very understandable. Thank you!

  3. TROCHE Stevenson says:

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  4. True Critic says:

    Question, would if they don't remove names or addresses ?

  5. Michael Daly Artist says:

    Great report – but HOW do you get what’s on and HOW do you update and remove bad info????

  6. スーLackadaisical says:

    Please help me I can't make online payment due to address errors.

  7. Karl Lewis says:

    How about birthdays? Im born in 1994 but it shows that i was born in 1981, I'm really trying to get this fixed asap

  8. daphnie7 says:

    GOOD STUFF!!! thanks for making it easy to understand*

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