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[Credit Repair Laws]

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Always consult a financial advisor or attorney for the most accurate information that pertains to your credit situation! Always pay your debts BEFORE they hit your credit. Individual results will vary, based on differences in credit reports, contract terms, state laws and statue of limitations. I make no guarantees that this method will work for you.Trust but verify and do your homework!


Top 5 Credit Tips:

0:00 Credit Repair Companies
1:30 Pros & Cons of Credit Repair


How to Write a Dispute Letter Step-by-Step for Derogatory Marks:

FIRST: pull your credit report & identify what is lowering your score.
Navigate to Experian or (they have free trials) and pull your 3 reports + Scores! has reports but DOES NOT display scores.


-1. You don’t have ENOUGH credit established.
-2. You have late payments on your report.
-3. You have accounts in COLLECTIONS
-4. Your accounts are closed to being maxed out
-5. You have a public record such as a bankruptcy or foreclosure.

-CALL the creditor and negotiate the terms of the debt and ask if they can adjust your account status back to current/paid.
-EXPLAIN you are having a tough time and ask if they can remove the late payment as a COURTESY.
-IDENTIFY any inaccuracies and dispute it.

-DISPUTE, DISPUTE, DISPUTE any errors or inaccuracies (name, account opened date, account amount, etc)
-Ask the lender to VALIDATE the debt
-ASK FOR “PAY FOR DELETION”* while I don’t recommend this method, here is how it can be used: Get a letter from the collection agency that states they will DELETE the negative account from your Credit Report, upon receipt of payment. If account balance is already “$0.00” but the negative collections status is still on your report, dispute the debt anyway with the credit bureaus.
-If (Equifax, Experian and/or TransUnion) cannot prove the debt, it’ll get removed*
*According to FCRA Section 609/611 guidelines.

1. Pay down OR PAY OFF your credit cards, loans or any revolving accounts,
2. Ask for the credit card company to raise your credit limit-(DO NOT USE MORE CREDIT; BE RESPONSIBLE).

-NOT impossible, but it’s very hard to do
-Dispute any errors or inaccuracies (ex-spouse’s debt, etc).
-Ask an attorney if this can be rectified. I cannot advise on this.

THIS is the exact way I FIXED MY bad credit score, WITHOUT PAYING a company to help you do it! All of these steps can be taken TODAY to increase your score and remove derogatory marks off your credit report which proper research and guidance from a certified credit advisor (NOT ME) or lender. Having a higher credit score will help you save money with a lower interest rate, getting approved for a home or an apartment, and will even help you get a better job!!! YES, EMPLOYERS CHECK CREDIT!! Please do your own research, this is just general expression of my experience. Not legal advice.

I raised my credit score over 300+ points and I didn’t have to pay anyone! The most common misconception of improving one’s credit score is that if you pay your collections accounts reported on your credit report, this will help your credit score. WRONG! I will explain why disputing collections accounts from your credit report is the BEST method to raise your score! Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. This is strictly for informational purposes and does not replace the advice from a financial advisor, credit bureaus agent or attorney.

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best dispute reason for collections on credit report

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31 Responses

  1. Charles Thompson says:

    I have a few questions I hired a repair company in August, it has been 4 months and they have not removed anything. I wish that I would of saw your video sooner. I believe that I'm being scammed. I need you're help.

  2. Christian winbush says:

    Good morning Jazzy, I’ve been watching you’re videos for a couple of months trying to completely understand credit and I’ve experienced bad credit for years within 460 range. I also have things on my credit that probably can be removed to boost it, is there any advice you can off me ? I’m really trying to fix my credit score. Thank you in advance !

  3. Brandi C says:

    Hey, I love your videos. I have a question I have students loans that were in bad standing and now they are closed. The payment status is $0 but says potentially negative months next to it. How do I handle this problem?

  4. Shanny W says:

    Hey I just come across your videos which are very helpful. I need your help! I got summoned by the court and don’t know what to do next. Any advice?

  5. demecio soto says:

    Only if you would have created this video 5 years ago. a real estate agent recommended me to her "credit specialist" $800 later I only received tips on how to manage your credit.

  6. Christine Greene says:

    The credit repair company told me to stop paying my minimum balances on my credit cards. How can I fix this? I have been with them for about 5 months now and as you said nothing has changed and I'm still paying them money for accounts that haven't been settled.

  7. corey boles says:

    Crazy… Ive dealt with 3 credit repair agencies while they have all took off things im now stuck at a problem… I'm now dealing with Lexington Law b/c of one problem. The first credit repair (National credit fixers) who charged me 600.00 initial fee to fix credit "yes smh" got this 2012 car that was charged off and already sold off my report.. it was 17,000 now they want remaining 7,200 of car returned to them in 2017. They got it off of equifax, but it remains on experian and transunion.. 2nd credit place was 200 to start they did nothing … been with lexington for 3 months they keep giving me a list on what to file it under when it gets rejected…. So I called bridgecrest myself and ask if they would settle they said 2,200… I thought of doing it until your other video saying make sure I get it completely removed… I'm lost

  8. VersatileMinds Sales & Distribution !Ms McClain! says:

    Lexington law collects money and takes 3 months just to start then when you call they say that your supposed to be doing it? Well why am
    I paying you?

  9. VersatileMinds Sales & Distribution !Ms McClain! says:

    I went through Lexington law sucked

  10. Lovely Moala says:

    I tried using Lexington Law but nothing got done so I'm thankful for your videos i have been able to work on my credit repair journey and I checked and got two collections removed from one of the credit bureau's which made me happy. I'm still working on it and I am just happy I have you to work on my credit. Thank you.

  11. Karen Maldonado says:

    That’s good information thanks

  12. Rachel Terrones says:

    Hi Jazzy do i need to show the full account number or just the account number like 89346XXXXX is fine?

  13. K K squad says:

    Hey jazzy i sent your letters off and got stuff off my credit report so thank you ! But i need your help if they are doubling the amount on a charge off and refusing to remove it . What should i do ? Should i reach out to the actual company?

  14. Your Highness says:

    I used a credit repair service that charged me $59 a month and required $150 fee upfront. They did nothing but overdraft my account constantly and in turn I owed Huntington bank $500 because I was a Tips base employee and it was slow season. My direct deposit were small obviously and always eaten up by my negative balance. I had to close the account to get said company to stop over drafting me.

  15. October Janae says:

    Omg! I was paying LexingtonLaw for a year and my credit went up 8 points maybe. I cancelled them

  16. WesSideGamer says:

    Question… I had an account that was 30 days past due 2 years ago its never been late before or after that. Is it possible to get that removed?

  17. Big Ron says:

    I've wasted so much money with Lexington Law firm — wish I knew this years ago.

  18. SlayedBeauty says:

    Thank you Jazzy! I just wrote my three letters to the credit reporting agencies.

  19. Mandrell Twitty says:

    I use Lexington but I stop paying them because they was stringing me along & I did all the work myself I started out at 519 but I got a secured credit card used it responsibly kept my usage at 1% paid off my collections now I am 635 all they did was remove 5 items

  20. Maryan Omar says:

    My credit is so bad right it’s in the low 500’s but I hired Lexington law a couple months back they got me paying $140 but I just saw 2 more added negative items on my credit ugh I NEED HELP!!!

  21. Shantae Jones says:

    I wish I would’ve seen this last year before I actually hired them. I can co-sign on what you’re saying. I actually paid another person before dealing with Lexington law and a year later, here I am doing more research on my own. Thank you for this information. I appreciate it!!

  22. Derrick Elrod says:

    I'm gonna keep it truthful I would love to hire you for services!!!

  23. Mario Edwin says:

    may i ask ….what do you think about credit versio and dovly

  24. KAYTOYA The Explorer says:

    How do I remove a repo and a time share foreclosure? I paid someone since last November and when I realized all of these items were still on my credit I immediately terminated my services. How can I do this on my own ?

  25. Rainbow Ortiz says:

    I reported it to the Better Business Bureau I mean I feel like their total criminals is there anyway I could sue them

  26. Rainbow Ortiz says:

    Well I started trying Lexington Law because I wanted to buy a house so I thought my credits not that messed up I just need a couple of help well that didn’t come out right but to make a long story short my credit actually went down hundreds of Points they didn’t help me with Anything that I ask them for I was going True identity DEF no this is so hard and somebody I’m speaking this sorry because I have so much trouble seeing so I hope this is coming out right they’ve been charging me after they cancel my subscription then I try to get into the app so I can take a picture showing it’s canceled and what did they do they started it up again how can they do that tomorrow is a holiday so I can’t call them but to make a long story short they did absolutely nothing but lower my credit and I paid them almost $1000

  27. Domi says:

    Hey Jazzy! I had another question. What should I do if i get a returned receipt with no signature on it? ALSO, I'm on round two of your letters…. are they suppose to send me the prove in the mail? I'm asking because I haven't gotten anything yet. Thanks!

  28. DariaOnDisplay says:

    Dang $200 out the window … I just paid uces last month and they did my letter's for me and I've sent them out to the three bureaus certfied so now just a waiting now. As soon as I saw this video, I cancelled with them. To make matters worst the girl I signed up under her insta is completely gone. CRAZY. Welp. You live and you learn going forward with my disputes I'll just use your templates. Thank you so much for this information. SIGH

  29. Gabrielle Alford says:

    Just so I’m clear if I purchase the ultimate homebuyers kit I won’t need to purchase the credit boost kit, correct?

  30. Felicia Frerichs says:

    Unfortunately I had been paying a “credit repair” company for 6 months…over $150 a month and I never saw a single change to my credit. It’s like you were telling my story in this video, calls not being answered and no headway being made on raising my score. It was only after I sent multiple emails documenting they had not been doing what they promised they stopped charging me. Wish I would have seen this video sooner, thank you for sharing this great information!

  31. Emm J says:

    I need help. After attempting to repair my credit and it didn't work out so well, I proceeded to hire Lexington Law to repair my credit. It has now been over 7months and I have not received the results Ive expected at all. Please Assist.

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