Credit Repair: How To PROPERLY Dispute Negative Items On Your Report

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When it comes to credit repair, you must learn how to properly dispute negative items on your report to avoid getting flagged by the credit bureaus as frivolous, or bogus. There is an easy system you can do yourself without a lot of money to start the process of disputing negative items off your report.

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Interested in professional credit repair?

This is for those not comfortable with DIY. This service is provided by Credit Saint. This is an amazing credit repair company with an awesome reputation. The cool thing about CS is they actually will guarantee a removal within 90 days or your money back. So you can actually try out their service for FREE before committing.

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disputing negative items on credit report

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  1. Mighty Influencer says:

    Great video!!! I certainly have had issues getting my credit better and these bureaus are such a pain to deal with sometimes. But, definitely learning to do the legwork myself has paid off.

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