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CREDIT REPAIR DON’T BULK DISPUTE || NON RESPONSE LETTERS || WILL NOT RE-INVESTIGATE – Lots of questions about sending your credit repair letters during the diy 609 credit repair process. What do you do if equifax never responded?


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A lot of the questions you have can all be answered in this frequently asked questions area, so be sure to give it a read first.

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21 Responses

  1. Mark Freese says:

    You the man. Dude I like the energy to help people repair their credit…

  2. Char Tar says:

    I just sent out my first round of letters yesterday. I prayed about it & Im excited about the outcome. I only sent the 3 credit bureaus the 609 letter…I didn’t send the creditors a letter but I’m praying it all works out. Will update next month…

  3. Geno G says:

    hey brandon new to channel i made a live credit monitor acc and on transunion online dispute i have a alot of collections and hard inquiries and what not and it gives me the option to request investigation into them some are old and were picked up and sold it say…should i request investigation into each and every 1 i havent sent out any letters but also removed old addresses on help plz new trying to get to the other side!!!

  4. cheletaj1 says:

    Sent my first round of disputes 5/2/18, so waiting to see what happens. Will update next month.
    7/25/2018.. On round three now. I’ve had 5 collections deleted with all 3 cra’s and 7 student loan lates removed but not with all 3 cra’s YET. Even got student (but will take time to show on report) Fed loan discharged. Still going back and forth with collection agencies, but hey…bring it!!
    I purchased beyond committed package.. it works and results are not immediate but they do come in time. Haven’t done everything supposed to yet, my time is spread pretty thin..but getting it done!! Up from 549 to 602 score so far.

  5. Taylor Simone says:

    No response at all besides Experian sending me a letter asking would I like pre-approved offers to stop coming in. Should I send second round,

  6. Nina Wolverton says:

    NO BULK DISPUTES — Ooops!, So if I sent a letter asking for removal of inquiries, inaccurate addresses, phone numbers and accounts all together, should I just do new letters separating everything and sepate envelopes right away, should I wait two weeks, wait for their response in 30 day's?? Thanks!

  7. Sasha Johnson says:

    Hi Brandon. Do you send certified only or do you send certified with signature confirmation?

  8. Lea U. Carter says:

    Last month, I sent out my first round of letters. I received letters back stating to verify my address. I think that they are playing games because a copy of my id & SS are attached to the letters. So should I just send a 2nd round of letters?

  9. Leroy Kelly says:

    Can you dispute a chapter 7?

  10. Beatnutz says:

    138 points increase on Efax 125 points on Trans and 100 points on Experian from awesome life group in 3 months not bad!

  11. DjLadyJTV says:

    Hey Brandon! I sent my 1st round letters to all 3 CBs certified mail. TransUnion letter shows delayed since 4-16-18 and no update since. Am I to assume they received it and just wait 30-45 days for a response or should I contact usps? What approach do you suggest?

  12. Sal OC says:

    I only have 3 school loans and inquiries to worry about.

  13. missprettytee says:

    Hi Brandon, i am preparing my 1st round of letters and I have multiple closed accounts with the same creditor which has the same partial account number. How can I send it so that they don't dispute the incorrect accounts?

  14. barbara wright says:


  15. 87XMarine says:

    When sending out letters for hard inquiries removal, do you need to attach your license and SS# on the letter as well just like the dispute letters for the credit bureaus?

  16. X V says:

    Is equifax dead?

  17. Yumi Malpica says:

    I will be sending out my 1st dispute letters tomorrow I hope to get great results like you did may I ask how can I get tradelines from you to help boost my credit? Thank you!!

  18. Felicia Foster says:

    Brandon, I started this credit repair journey on Jan 17th, 2018 with a starting Experian credit score of 511, yes 511 smh. By March 1st my credit score with Experian was 620, now today my credit score is 698. I've got my first two credit cards ever. Transunion has been very easy to deal with but Equifax has been the most horrible to deal with, I was even told I had to keep the wrong ssn number on my credit report by their rep on the phone even after Transunion said I was a victim of true name fraud. Equifax is horrible and if they don't delete this time I plan to sue. I've spoke to an consumer protection attorney and our states attorney. Unfortunately for me everyone in our area uses Equifax to run credit. They have until next week to get these 3 collections that don't belong to me.

  19. Joseph Thompson says:

    I sent my first round out and EXPERIAN sent a letter back saying that they Couldn’t verify my identity so I called them to verify was that the right thing to do ??

  20. Andrea Merino says:

    Just sent my second round because they are shucking and jiving. The CRA's are playing games but I am a serious 609 church member and the pastor is Brandon.

  21. Worley's World says:

    Just sent my letters today !!

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