Credit Repair Dispute Letter Reasons: Unverified vs. Factual (Replay)

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Which dispute reason do you think results in faster deletions? Factual disputes! Which one gets taken seriously by the bureaus? Factual disputes! What’s a factual dispute? Check out the video to learn what it is and how it works.

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Video notes:
Hey, it’s Kristin with Expert
Credit Sweeps. I have a very, very important video for you today.
If you’re willing to watch any of my videos or any of the
playlist, this one you really, really, really need to pay
attention to, because I try to simplify things, but you can
understand why I say what I say. All right. So we are looking at
factual based disputes, right? The way that I do it versus the
unverified dispute reasons. And yes, I said, I’m going to show
you why I say it like that. All right. So basically this is why
it doesn’t work. So when you send something that says, you
know, um, let’s just say that it says know pursuant to section
1681. I need for you to remove these negative items because
they are unverified. And then you list them all count number
one. And then all of the unverified, unverified, unverified
unverified. all they have to do at the credit bureaus. Uh, they’re
verified. And guess what? The battle is over, you just lost.
You didn’t even go 32 seconds in the octagon and you suck. All
right. That’s what happens. Okay. So the way that you combat
that is by using factual based disputes, this means that you
take the information directly from your credit report and you
stick it into your dispute letter and say, this is why you
need to remove this account. Right? So a factual dispute is
one that leaves no room for the bureaus to say, because it’s
based on facts, facts, facts, right? You don’t want to put
like unicorns in there and whatever you don’t want to say,
oh, well, pursuant to a, you know, that one lawn, you know,
this entire letter, you know, it’s my second attempt. My third
attempt, I’m going to Sue you because nobody cares about that
stuff. Like nobody cares, dude. So this is why, or this is how
factual based disputes work. Okay. So let’s say you’re looking at
your credit report and there are three different dates of last
activities listed, right? Why would you be three? Trust me. It
happens all the time. Check out identity IQ. All right. This is
a very, very, very, very, very strong reason. Okay. Please
remove this account because there are three dates listed and
you can list them there under date of last activity. Now I
will say that if one of those dates is like substantially
newer and you can also say reengaged and remove it, right?
So remove the violations count has been reached. Show the
dates, read the dates, whatever we will account. Now let’s also
say that you have an account that has a monthly payment on a
charge off. I don’t care about closed accounts. Let’s just say
that it’s a charge off. Okay. There’s a lot of you deal with
charge offs. And a lot of my clients do a charge off. So your
dispute reason would be, there should be no monthly payment on
this account because it is charged off. There should be
monthly payment, remove the account. Now the third thing is
late payments or past you on a collection. I will tell you,
this is the playlist about FCCPA and FCRA violations, and you can
use it. All right. So you’re going to say it’s a violation to
report this account because it has late payments and or past
you remove account. It’s a late, okay. Moving on. No. What if you
say, well, I’m just stating the law. You know what I mean? But
I’m like telling them they’re in violation on blah, blah, blah,
dude, you didn’t just like, you’re not gonna teach them
anything. You didn’t just wake up and be like, well, um, you
know, today I’m going to inform the credit bureaus that they’re
in violation of this and that, you know, um, they need to
remove it because, well, you know, Congress states that it’s,
you know, the bureaus have like a grave responsibility to, as a
ascertain that the bureau, nobody cares about that the bureaus
don’t care about. I don’t care about it. You don’t care about
it, right? It’s there to use as reference or to understand why
something is the way that it is or why it shouldn’t be the way
that it is. Okay. It’s not there for you to write like a 900 page
freaking letter. Like if I can flick through your letter, it’s
too long.

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  1. Ponleu Soreyaa says:

    Hi Kristin. I hope you’re having a good Sunday night. I might have asked this question before on another video of yours. I have an account that has not been active for several years. On my Equifax report, the lender has left the account “opened” and no longer reporting any activity, except they left the derogatory remark on my “Account Status” that it’s past due over 120 days. Date reported Aug 2017. Date of last activity is missing, nothing reported. Delinquency first reported 04/2016. Date of last payment is Feb 2016. Balance shows $4060. High credit is $3000. In their comments section it states 180 days or more past due, and for questions regarding the account, it states to contact them. I’m trying to use your factual basis dispute method, but I don’t want to kick myself in the a$$. Which information should I target because this seems a bit all over the place? One thing I can think of is failure to report DATE OF LAST ACTIVITY since it’s missing. The other dates are just confusing to try to target. OH AND I FORGOT TO MENTION that there is a MONTHLY SCHEDULED PAYMENT OF $222 is still being reported as well. They have not marked the account as charged off or closed. I started to write a dispute letter but you just mentioned not to send too many pages, I wrote by hand mentioning all the information that are reported on Equifax pertaining to this account, so now I think I’m going to have to shorten it somehow. Could you help me summarize which info to dispute?

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