Credit Repair Dispute Game | Student Loans, Late Payments & Debt Buyers

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Today we’re playing a credit repair dispute game that I created for you, on student loans, late payments and debt buyer collectors (like Portfolio Recovery). This is another part of the DisputeIQ Strategy Quizzes and I hope you like it! If you do, make sure to like this video! You can access it yourself at


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⭐️ Video notes:
I’ve got a bit of a game for
you, and we’re gonna go over debt, buyer collection, student
loans and late payment. So let’s get right to it. And this is,
this is the wordwall. We’re gonna have a little bit of fun. Right?
So question number one. Are you ready? Why are you allowed to
dispute a student loan 90 day, late payment with no prior late
payments and how would it be done? A student loans cannot be
disputed like at all, B student loans can be disputed, but only
after the account is closed. C payment history must be
accurate. And this includes late payments that are marked as on
time, a 90 day, late payment cannot report it without prior,
late payments dispute the 90 to late payment as inaccurate
because the two previous ontime payments are inaccurate first
dispute, the date last active. And then the two months prior to
that 90 day, late payment. And then on the third round dispute,
the 90 to late, late as I paid on time. And the only option is
to remove the entire account. Obviously it is C. Okay. So now
we have a bit of some points going on here. All right. So
let’s keep it moving. We have question number two. Are you
ready? What’s the best way to remove a us department of
education collection, a find the biggest guns, for example, three
different years in the do L a then go down the hierarchy down,
you know, doing the same thing B use not mine because they can’t
verify it. C contact their creditor directly and demand
proof of the debt D submit an online dispute via credit karma
E call the bureaus directly and submit a dispute. Well, I would
have to say a, yeah, it’s finally big guns. You’re always
gonna do this. You are always gonna go down the hierarchy,
starting with the blatant inaccuracies. And of course we
are racking up some points here. So let’s go on to question.
Number three. Are you ready? What’s the best way to remove a
debt buyer collection like portfolio recovery. Is it a send
a validation of debt letter directly to the debt buyer? Is
it B send a 6 9 to the credit bureau C find out how the
original creditor, excuse me, who the original creditor is and
send a 6 23 letter or D first check for past due late
payments. If so, they shouldn’t be listed and should be
disputed. Second. Look for other blatant in ACU, in accuracy,
such as the do a or the DLP or payment history. There shouldn’t
be one. Then go down the hierarchy beginning with the
notice of dispute or E dispute balance. You, you not owe them
anything because they have no contract with them. It’s gonna
be D obviously they’re shooting be a past due or late payments on
a collection because it’s already late.

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