Credit Repair Cloud Review (Best Credit Repair Software?)

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This video is an in depth Credit Repair Cloud Review:

In this video, I go over all areas of Credit Repair Cloud. Watch this credit repair cloud review and see why I believe it’s the best credit repair software!

We use the credit repair cloud for our credit repair business and love every feature it provides.


0:00 – Intro Credit Repair Cloud Review – Best Credit Repair Software 2022
1:17 – What Is Credit Repair Cloud
2:28 – Who is Credit Repair Cloud For
4:47 – Bonus Tip – How to fix your credit fast
5:25 – What is Credit Repair Cloud for
6:26 – How to get started with Credit Repair Cloud – Free Trial
6:48 – How Much Does Credit Repair Cloud Cost

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Learn how to start using this credit repair software to build a profitable credit repair business. Credit Repair Cloud’s Founder Daniel Rosen and team created the necessary training to succeed in this business.

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Credit Repair Cloud offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to grow their credit repair business by helping their clients with credit through software, systems, and strategies so they can scale their business to a multi-million dollar credit repair business.

With over a decade of experience, Credit Repair Cloud has helped over 19,000 active users start a credit repair business and have improved over 9 million credit report items with 42 of their users becoming millionaires. Credit Repair Cloud is for anyone who is looking to quit their 9-5 and become a business owner. The credit repair industry is great for anyone who is just starting with credit repair as they train you or has some experience with credit such as realtors, car sales, loan officers, and financial planners.

Credit Repair Cloud Pricing

Credit Repair Cloud offers 4 pricing options. Most people start out using the Start Plan and as the business grows they upgrade to the next tier. All plans include unlimited storage, affiliates and leads and a private label client portal.

Here Is The Pricing Tier:
Start Plan $179 per month. Up to 3 team members and up to 300 active clients
Grow Plan $299 per month. Up to 6 team members and up to 600 active clients
Scale Plan $399 per month. Up to 12 team members and up to 1200 active clients
Enterprise Plan $599 per month. Up to 24 team members and up to 2400 active clients.

What Credit Repair Cloud Dispute Letters Can You Send?

With the Credit Repair Cloud Software you can send automatic dispute letters for any of the following:
Name and address errors
Hard inquiries
Incorrect tradelines
And more.

There is a very extensive dispute letter template section where you can send dispute letters to the major credit bureaus and creditors for any situation.

What Is The Credit Repair Website Builder?

Credit Repair Cloud offers a website builder to start your credit repair business as soon as possible. You can choose to create your own website or use Credit Repair Clouds website template that includes all the pages you need to launch your credit repair business.

What Is The Credit Repair Affiliate Program?

Credit Repair Cloud offers an affiliate program where you can sign up and promote their links and when someone clicks on your links and buys their program you make money.

As a Credit Repair business owner you can pay people to refer clients to you so you can make more money and they are incentivized to share your information as they can also make money just for referring you. With the Credit Repair Cloud software the amount of affiliates you add is unlimited.

Read my full article on Credit Repair Cloud Review:

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Disputebee Vs Credit Repair Cloud

DisputeBee is the alternative credit repair software that helps automate the process of sending dispute letters.

Get Started With Disputebee Today:

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  1. Get Rich With Mitch - Real Estate Investing says:

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    Amazing Video! Highly Recommended if someone is looking to start this business

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    Really Amazing! This helps to understand me how credit repair works and how to get started

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    Extremely Helpful! Great information and the walkthrough of how this could benefit people. If you haven’t subscribed to Mitch then you are missing out on so much incredible information for personal and business growth!

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    I can't believe you are sharing this information for free. People literally pay thousands of dollars for some credit "guru" to do the things you teach in this video. This is the type of stuff people should be watching. Credit repair can literally make you money. Ibwas able to get my mortgage rate down to a 2.375 at no cost because I have good credit. If my credit was a 700 that rate would have cost me like 12000 bucks. Crazy how important credit is right!

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    Knocked it out of the park again. Nice job mitch. Love the info

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