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Don’t miss out on the ONLY time you’ll ever save $59 on Live Letter, the credit repair dispute letter automation app that I created on top of Google Sheets. Head to and use “30BEANS” before time runs out! It includes everything you need to get results and raise your credit scores without any of the hassle or heavy lifting or learning curve!

You can use this to dispute and remove virtually any negative account on a credit report – collections, charge-offs, late payments, repossessions, bankruptcies, judgments, tax liens, debt buyer collections, short sales, etc.

It includes over 80 built-in dispute letters and 302+ dispute reasons as well as 2 different automations


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⭐️ Video notes:
If you’ve been on the fence
about getting live letter automation app, which is the
tool that I built on top of Google sheets, that’ll save you
time and money in even make you more money. If you do this for a
living for other clients, then this is the video that you want
to watch. Because for the next two days, 12 hours and 48
seconds, you can save 30% off during this flash sale using
code 30BEANS. Now we’re going to jump right into live letter.
I’m going to show you why this is better than anything that
you’re currently using. And I’m even going to prove it to you by
writing everything out the same way that I did in client dispute
manager. All right. So back over here, we’re going to choose one
of our current clients that we have. I already have Billie Jean
in here in, all I’m doing is marking what letters I want to
create. Experian, Equifax, TransUnion. Now we’re going to
go and choose our letter. We can either do a custom letter and
paste it in here, up in the bar, or we can use one of the
built-in letters. I’m going to very simply choose one of the
belt and letters. So we’re going to choose this one. And all we
do is at our account. We’re going to use American express
1, 2, 3, 4, 5. We can write out a dispute reason. We can choose
one of the over 300 different dispute reasons, or we can very
simply automate. Now we need to tell the system what bureaus are
reporting it. Experian, Equifax, TransUnion. Okay. And over here
in this grade area, this is where all the formulas are. So
you definitely don’t want to touch that. This is where all
the heavy lifting is done. Now I’m going to automate, we have
regular automation and we have next round quick automation, and
I’m going to show you both of them. So I’m going to automate.
So I’m going to choose regular automate, and we’re going to
choose based on the type of account, such as charge off the
round, such as one. And the version such as a, we have
charge offs, collections, late payments, so on and so forth. So
I’m choosing charge off round one, version a and that’s it. I
go to print, as you can see, everything is listed on here
correctly. So we’re going to click on the print icon and
there you go. All three dispute letters have been created. Like
if that wasn’t awesome enough now on our next round, we’re
just going to go and choose. So pretend we’re on round two.
We’re going to go choose a different letter that took one
click. We’re going to go and click on quick automate and
that’s it go to print. As you can see, we have a different
letter and a different dispute reason. Why is that? Well, very
simply because when you click on quick automate, it’s going to
automatically choose the next dispute reason based on what you
chose in the previous round. So we chose charge-off round one
version a right here under a regular automate. So when I go
to click, excuse me, quick automate. It’s choosing charge
off round two, version a so on and so forth. So if we chose
charge off around two version a is going to charge, uh, excuse
me, going to choose charge off round three, version a all
right. So this is really, really, really, really, really
simple. Okay. So let’s go over into CDM and I’m going to show
you how much slower this is. So let’s go. And, um, we already
have our accounts in here, so let’s go and choose what we want
to do, right? So we’re going to choose bank of Missouri. I
believe it is. Now we have to go and write our custom dispute
reason. So, uh, delete this account for an accuracy because
the last active reports reports as date, date, and date. Now I
have to go and do, uh, add your dispute and then send to print.
And then I go to the print screen and then I choose the
client and then I print it and then I save it.

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