Credit Dispute Letters: Equifax Data Breach

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5 Responses

  1. rick dickerson says:

    I never seen a credit report before but actually in the mail and it just shows that you owe everybody money so it's like a debt report I want to be debt-free so the credit report has to be blank to be debt-free

  2. rick dickerson says:

    Equifax my information was compromised okay hold on call get transferred overseas Equifax does not care I had 35 on authorized inquiries on there because of the breach and they refused to remove them I gave up after 3 months I got tired playing their games overseas

  3. rick dickerson says:

    What you do is get freezes on all the small and big credit reporting agencies there is some ages out there that people don't even know of it took me a month to put freezes on all of them small and big companies even LexisNexis they sent me a 6 digit PIN number in the mail I shredded them all up and threw in the trash

  4. rick dickerson says:

    Do you think Equifax really cares no they don't because all you are is a number to them the call centers are overseas they should not have our identity overseas I think it was inside job overseas somewhere in India Pakistan or the Philippines

  5. rick dickerson says:

    The best thing to do is to put a freeze on all the credit reports even the small companies they will mail you a six-digit pin in the mail take that paper shred it up and throw it in the garbage

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