CREDIT | Derogatory Marks KILL Your Fico Score

Credit | Derogatory Marks KILL Your Fico Score

In regards to credit, derogatory marks really hurts your credit score. After 7 years derogatory marks can fall off your credit report which in turn will increase your fico/credit score.

I had 1 derogatory mark fall of my credit report and my credit score shot up 47 points. If you can help try to keep all your accounts up to date so that you can avoid hurting your overall credit score.

Duane here with how to build credit tv and in this video I’m going to show your just how much a derogatory mark affected my credit score.

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19 Responses

  1. Ramzy Ziyadeh says:

    I have a debt collection but it hasn’t appeared on my credit score yet, it’s brand new. My question is will it end up showing on my credit report even though I already paid it off? Because as soon as I found out I’m on debt collections I paid it off immediately. Will it still be reported?

  2. Lonnell J. Lee says:

    How can we get rid of derogatory marks

  3. Ryan Brown says:

    It’s also important to note that the remarks will affect scores of individuals with a high score much more than those with a lower score. I’m cleaning up my credit now. I’m now at around 580 on the TransUnion side and 650 on the Equifax side. My TransUnion score will only increase by 3 points with the removal of any derogatory remarks. I even settled on a 14k closed account, still 3 points. Equifax gave me significant score increases though.

  4. Derrick Allen says:

    Mine got removed and dropped my score ????

  5. Rob Rayiam says:

    Is it still possible to build credit even though you have derogatory marks? I don’t have collections but like 2 marks from years ago and 1 from Recent like last year

  6. Bloomington Collision Repair, INC Bret Bunton says:

    You look like anderson silva! Great content

  7. lawrence briscoe says:

    Dewayne how can I bounce back after, have derogatory on my credit report pay for settlement asking for advice dewayne

  8. Yeesss Sirrr says:

    So if it was paid would they remove the derogatory Mark or would it take that long to fall off?

  9. Yander Dreams says:

    How did you get them to fall off? Did you wait seven years?

  10. Yander Dreams says:

    I have two… From medical bills. Next time I'll just die.

  11. Scott ProkZ says:

    I had one fall off recently and just paid my last one off today. They did say they would completely remove it off my report(only 64$) my question is does a car I had from 2011 effect my credit score.. ? It shows as been closed and collections forever, but still says I didn’t pay XXXXX amount . Does that effect me? I wonder because my other charge fell off completely and Can’t see it anymore, and so will this one that I just paid, so why is my car there from 2011? If I can see it can’t everyone see it? Thanks !

  12. Jones Green says:

    I have a 1 derogatory mark on my credit report from November 2013… is it best for me to pay to get it deleted or let it fall off?

  13. UL R says:

    How do you get the credit company to delete an hard inquirer on your credit that you were denied?

  14. mouse trap says:

    Hey duane my vantage score is far apart have negative marks

  15. Ambrosio Hernandez says:

    I applied to 3 credit cards and only 1 accepted me. Will the two applications that were denied affect my credit score or be shown as a bad thing?

  16. Sha l says:

    Does the mark drop your credit score each year it remains or does it drop monthly before it was removed?

  17. SixFootFemme says:

    How do you get collector to accept a " pay for delete".? I have a valid collection account. JUST ONE and those points would be amazing. I would love to pay it now but if it won't change my score drastically, it won't be my priority.

  18. Ruel Northover says:

    Bob Marley soccer shirt, Baaad!

  19. Julian Portis says:

    how do you know that your other collections account will expire in october? also the account which you show being dropped was opened only 4 years ago, is there any reason why it dropped so early? was there something you did?

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