Credit Card Charge Backs Explained | Why You Should Always Use A Credit Card

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I believe you should always use a credit card to pay for things, that is because you get increased consumer protection from a credit card.
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disputing late payment on credit report

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23 Responses

  1. Jeffrey Rogers says:

    Not all credit card issuers are created equally. Chase and Citi will not honor this at all it seems. Amex fate better. As most things, YMMV…

  2. H says:

    file a chargeback on the guy who cut your hair

  3. syed ullah says:

    If you are a merchant please always take a copy of their ID/DL. It goes a long way that it was not fraudulent.
    If you are making charges over $100

  4. Kelly Jena says:


  5. Jerry Winks says:

    I will keep on recommending Wwwhiltoecyberservicescom till when everyone benefit they services

  6. asian papa says:

    Bro will this workout I got scammed on a paypal personal payment. If I dispute this to this would they side me or the scammer? I also have proof of scam

  7. She's a Goddess says:

    thank you so much, I have looked at my credit card's purchase protection on their website right now and they have 120 thank goodness, really appreciate this video!

  8. Matty Matt says:

    I knew some parts of the info you mentioned… definitely not all of it so when you explained everything it made everything piece together perfectly! Thank You!

  9. Dareal iO says:

    I disliked right away because I know for a fact that he's going to start rambling in some way

  10. Neil Allen says:

    What happens if after filing a dispute the merchant offers you cash?

  11. Jason Y says:

    100% of all credit card companies should protect against any fraudulent charges, not just many as you say. Also who has enough brainpower to remember all your purchases and report suspicious transactions within 60 days ?!! As a recent victim myself, I prefer to use cash until this changes

  12. Thomas Conoscienti says:

    Great video as always thank you for everything you do have a question would love some advice I have a gold card from American Express and also I have my son who is 21 years old as an author rise user we went to Vegas last week for his 21st birthday and I took him to the sapphires Gentlemans club in Las Vegas I pre-paid in pre-reserved a VIP table with bottle service was $2200 for that and also extra upgrades and dances was an additional $2000 I paid all that on my am but because my son is disabled and it was his first time drinking alcohol and I am also legally blind the entertainers were able to take him far enough away from me and I guess they ended up taking him to a champagne room and charging up $7000 in charges and told him that I said it was OK and they took a vantage they made him do fingerprints and sign and he was totally intoxicated and did not know what was going on he came back to me and told me One of the entertainers took his wallet and his Louboutin sunglasses and did not return them when I checked the app it was over $7000 in charges they were forced separate charges within 30 minutes so I have disputed it with American Express because the management of the venue so that my son authorized everything even though he was unable to consent or authorize anything because number one everything was supposed to go through me and also he was intoxicated and he is disabled he only uses his American Express card for small purchases like McDonald’s and emergencies only so what would your advice in the situation I did some research online in this club is known for customers drugged and thousands of dollars charged on people‘s credit cards without their knowledge and I guess that is a big thing so I’m assuming American Express probably knows about this problem I’m hoping they will help us with this dispute because now that night ended up costing $12,000 in total and the police would not assist see that they said even though your son was intoxicated there is no limit on how much alcohol they can serve in Las Vegas and he is old enough to consent to sexual acts and and whatever else that he might have charged would appreciate any help with my stinky

  13. William Galipeault says:

    Wow air… how ironic

  14. Tim Johnson says:

    Did you do a video on credit cards that offer extended warranties on products you buy?..if so can you post the link?

  15. Chanse Singleton says:

    Wanna make some cash? Then

  16. Matthew Murphy says:

    We bought two pieces of furniture from a national retailer when redoing our living room a bit. We were told at the time of purchase that the products were in stock and nowhere on the bill of sale did it say the items were special order products. 3 weeks later we changed our minds and decided to go from buying two recliners to a sectional sofa. When we went back to the store to try to change our order, we were told we could not as we had purchased special order products that could not be modified or refunded. Even our original salesperson chimed in with the same nonsense. Luckily, we had purchased with our AmEx Blue Cash card. We called AmEx and even though the purchase was about $2,700, they stepped in and first tried to mediate the dispute. The retailer didn’t budge, so AmEx took all the money right back. It was a glorious event. All they had to do was let us buy something else, but instead they wanted to hold firm to unload merchandise they probably couldn’t sell.

  17. SamsungLG says:

    Always treat your credit card as a middlemen for any purchase, never treat them like free passes.

  18. Ernie Lan says:

    Hi great video, I’m in Canada Looking to do some travelling soon, I’m looking for a debit card and a credit card I can use that has no charges ATM fees etc. any information will be appreciated thank you

  19. Cosplay Los Angeles says:

    I recently got denied for applying for "too many credit cards". How long should I wait before I apply again?

    It was because i applied for a SW card. got a fraud check letter. But i didnt respond because i decided to get chase INK. So by not responding, i thought they would cancel my application. and i applied for INK 1 week after SW application. then i got denial of ink 25 days later.

  20. Emalyo says:

    I'm 16 and was wondering if there's any way I can open up a credit card on my name. I want to start building my credit history very early.

  21. Ivan Fermin says:

    Why is your shirt wet???

  22. water dog says:

    I wish I had thought of this when I was ripped off by flight hub.

  23. Stephen Greenberg says:

    Hey, I love your videos, I work on behalf of merchants for chargeback disputes, and I feel like there's some information that people should know before considering doing a chargeback.

    First of all, a chargeback won't guarantee you will get your funds back, although your bank will credit you the amount immediately, the merchant is given an opportunity to fight that chargeback, and prove that the purchase is either not fraudulent, or the goods were delivered. If the merchant wins, this leads to a 'reversal', in which your bank credits the merchant back and you're debited the amount. So basically, although you can chargeback, it's not guaranteed you'll get to keep that money, and may take months to find out whether or not the bank has sided in your favor or the merchant's.

    Second, not only can doing a chargeback possibly affect your credit score, if you chargeback with an eCommerce website, any of your billing information may get flagged by the processing systems the merchant uses. When your information gets flagged, it shows up to other merchants that use the same systems, and may lead to a call from the fraud department, or an out right refusal to process orders from you and any order placed using information that links back to that original chargeback. Further, it may get you banned from making purchases from certain merchants , and any of their partners and even companies that are competitors but share that same info.

    Last, it's true that AMEX/Discover are more likely than others to side with the customer in a dispute. They typically require more information from the merchant that other banks, to prove that a transaction is not fraudulent or the goods are as listed. Even merchant's with a good case will lose chargebacks to AMEX/Discover, simply because they have more leverage because they're both the bank and the payment processor.

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