Credit Bureaus Verify As Accurate – DO THIS (EP:03)

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Answer is video we talk about what to do when the credit bureau’s verifying your disputed accounts as accurate and how you can set the follow up. If you would like to learn how to do factual based disputes for your credit report your credit report to get your accounts removed the right way and permanently then head over to or to see if I can do a credit sweep for you head to

Credit bureaus and their conflict of interest:

What do we do when Experian says they won’t reinvestigate?
Or when TransUnion says they don’t understand the nature of your dispute?
Or when Equifax just ignores the dispute letter?

Credit repair is NOT easy but it IS possible to get legal, permanent deletions when the credit sweep (not regular repair) is done the right way.

✨ Check out all 3 credit reports and scores with the same credit monitoring I show in my videos and use for my clients with IdentityIQ:

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how do you dispute something on your credit

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