Credit Bureau Dispute Letter Workshop – How to Dispute Accounts on a Credit Report

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Tonight we’re going over the credit bureau dispute letter workshop and I show you how to write the perfect dispute letter to the credit bureaus. You can submit your interest for the Credit Suite at and you can schedule a call with me for a credit sweep at

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Video notes:
Hey, what’s good. Tonight, we are doing an impromptu dispute letter writing workshop, and you have negative items that you want to remove. Collections, foreclosures, repossessions, bankruptcies, what ever. Then this is the video that you want to watch. And I have a bunch of different credit reports. We have collections charge offs, repossessions, bankruptcies, so on and so forth. So what you are looking for is going to be in this video and it’s going to be covered. And at the end, I’m going to show you how this can also work using factual based disputes with live letter, which is a Google sheets tool that I created just for you, as well as introducing you to my brand new credit repair suite. And this is a credit repair software, and it does actually import identity IQ, credit reports. All right. So that launch is going to becoming very, very, very soon. I do have a contact request here for that, and you’re going to get the links down in the description too, but we’re going to go and get started. We have, like I said, a bunch of different credit reports and obviously the first thing that we want to do, and then we just get rid of this thing right here in my automation. Okay. So first thing that we’re going to do is we’re going to put our information on your, you know, that part. So let’s just go and put that on here already. So we have a name. If I could put my fingers where they’re supposed to go on my keyboard, just one second, we have name, address. We have social and date of birth. And then obviously we’re going to skip a line. We’re going to put the date and yes, you were putting today’s date. Don’t fight with me about backdating. And if you didn’t watch that video on that tactic not working, then you should probably pause this video, go back and watch that. Okay. Now you’re going to put the recipient here. So this is going to be like Experian or it’s going to be, um, you know, Equifax. Now, if you don’t know why I have that automatically popping up, you’re going to want to watch my, um, workshop coming out for the time machine. Okay. Now let’s get rid of Equifax and TransUnion. We’re going to leave Experian on here, but it’s going to be whoever the recipient is. And I’m just going to format this real quick, or I’m going to put zero spaces. All right. So we have our respite rescues me or our recipient, our date and our personal information. Now, pausing there. You don’t only need to have your personal information. You also need to have copies of your actual identification, right? We’ve already gone over this. These are the basics, right? You’re going to have to provide your identification such as, um, driver’s license, state ID, military passport. You also are going to want to provide a copy of your proof of address, like utility bill, cell phone bill, um, voter’s registration, so on and so forth, and a copy of your social. Now, why would you wanna provide that? Well, remember that the Bureau’s on the business of stopping you from getting results, because this is how they make money, right? So you don’t want to give them that extra leverage to just send you a stall tactic and say that you did not provide the required documentation right now. The first thing that we want to do is we want to write our first paragraph and I’m going to make this really, really simple. I already have one saved as an automation, so let’s do independent.

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