Credit Bureau Checkmate Dispute Letter Tactic

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Today we’re going over the credit bureau “Checkmate” Dispute Letter Tactic, which uses confirmation of the date last active from the creditor to remove the derogatory account with the credit bureaus. You can find the PDF at

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⭐️ Video notes:
I bet you haven’t heard of the credit bureau Checkmate technique, right?
Well, unless you’ve been in one of my coaching or masterminds, then you wouldn’t have.
So, that’s what we’re going over today.
And we’re bringing in the new year, with a bang because everything is about result.
So, pay attention to the screen because I didn’t make any flashy flash cards, or, you know, presentation or whatever.
We’re just going to go over this because this is what matters.
Listen, the credit bureau Checkmate technique involves checking the date of last activity would you know, is the top of the hierarchy and As the biggest impact, not only on the consumers credit reports, but also with the furnishers as well.
And sometimes they’ll be a different deal.
LA on one or two bureaus, 99 percent or more of the cases.
The older di La will be the correct one.
Raging almost never happens in the consumers favor.
Okay, there’s no what you’re going to do.
It’s really really basic.
The Creditor and ask for documentation of the date last active and it can be really a simple as can you please tell me the date of last activity on account.
Number 1, 2 3 4 5, right.
I need Bureau listing a newer date of last activity.
Beating the incorrect date.
Might just say something like, I dispute, blah blah, blah account.
Number blah, blah, blah, date of last activity is incorrect.
Please delete this item.
Now if they want to, you know, play games or whatever.
If the bureau’s document that count is accurate and your documentation from the Creditor of the correct date of last activity, than somebody obviously hasn’t done their job, right?
So, follow up with the credit bureau with the documentation and escalate the issue discussion of fcra, violations, and lawsuits.
Now, normally I say don’t do

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