Could Gabby Petito’s boyfriend be hiding in NC mountains? | WSOC-TV

Rumors have been circulating online that Gabby Petito’s boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, could be hiding out in Watauga County. READ MORE:



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25 Responses

  1. Tom Huns says:

    This is the kind of white guy who I'd like to catch myself

  2. RN Anderson says:


  3. Derek Chauvin says:

    This bltch was a hot head too. Maybe it was self defense.

  4. christy peck says:

    This is the same area where Eric Rudolph, the Atlanta Olympics bomber, hid out for five years living off the land.

  5. jsngallery says:

    you spelled “murderer” wrong, you spelled it b-o-y-f-r-i-e-n-d…….we all make mistakes

  6. Joey Aussey says:

    Lets ask the fbi, they know everything. . . like how parents sick of government indoctrination of our children are declared domestic terrorists?!?!?!

  7. Justin Eicher says:

    He could definitely blend in plain sight with out any one knowing, cause people are expecting him to be bunkered up in the woods somewhere, but people need to realize covid is still around and alot of places iguess depending where you are suggest wearing face coverings. So he could easily be walking around with a face mask on with a hat or hoodie and you wouldn't even expect it cause you would think it just another random person walking down the street with a mask on or in the store. People also need to keep that in mind also.

  8. Ayushi Bansal says:

    National Park, swamps, everglades, nature reserve, island, mountain. I've learnt so much about America's topography in the last one month. You should check the Prairies next.

  9. Gary P says:

    Some people have been calling Brian a survivalist. Really? True, if he had a backpack full of food, he could survive for a few weeks out in the wilderness with no problem. Then what? I doubt he's going to kill deer or any other wildlife, skin it and then build a fire to cook. I doubt it.

  10. kenneth coster says:

    He won't be able to hide his shame and he'll be easy to find because he's such a low life he's on the run because he has no. Balls it's not even a man real men don't hit women they just walk away. So therefore it's like catching a myth amphetamine addict or a Sketcher it won't be so hard it's just a matter of time he doesn't have enough balls to take his own life.

  11. Richie Beck says:

    I do not think this man is foolish enough to make any sort of public showing without at least shaving or doing something else to change up his appearance. Hell, I'm sure a good quality lace front wig can be had even in rural areas and he's probably watching this video on his phone in a public place. Or he was eaten by wild animals. Or he got himself perished and was then eaten by wild animals. At this point, I think his parents should be the primary focus, whether they aided him or not, whether they knew or not, and so on. If this man is alive and has a shred of honor left, he would at least come out of hiding to clear his parents. Either way, there's more to this whole thing than just him. A lot of people made mistakes all throughout the time in which this could have been avoided, and some of them seemed to be aware of those mistakes and made them intentionally. Gabby is gone, and the longer this is shown in the news the longer the suffering of her family. Stop it with your speculations and wall to wall coverage of someone who's not worthy of it.

  12. Richie Beck says:

    Has anyone checked on Binging With Babish? I don't trust those TikTok detectives.

  13. Holly Drucker says:

    Maybe a alligator ate him? lol

  14. Betsy Garcia says:

    Okay so this is what Brian is staying to you Dog the Bounty Hunter so you to find him you have to go through Gaby's videos that's what he say for you to find him you have to go through Gaby's videos I don't know what that means but that's what he is putting

  15. Tony Mu says:

    I suspect Gabby was the kind of girl that used her good looks to get what she wants. When you play with a rattlesnake sometimes you get bit

  16. LeLe Love says:

    I've said it a week ago that he is by the mountains… I'm the one said gabby body is laying by water and trees before they even found her..

  17. S Hagan says:

    There is a California NC it's on the coast close to Virginia

  18. Newly Created says:

    A simple muzzle, which is considered "morally acceptable attire" and many are still wearing them in NC even though they're filthy and prevent nothing, sun glasses, a hat, and he's easily disguised.

  19. spunky cat says:

    Why would he run if he has only used a credit card? Ah, maybe he is guilty of more…

  20. spunky cat says:

    Girls hiney hanging out of her shorts Min 2:05. Please don't include this in the video.

  21. William Russell says:

    He went to mexican border and the government is giving him illegal alien status, a new spanish sounding name, food stamps, money, a house, free healthcare………and complete anonymity

  22. Pretty Brown Eyes says:

    This man is a fugitive and yall cant find one man on the run. He gotta be having help along the way. .how is he getting gas for his car how he is hiding in the mountains and he is on foot hiking. .make it make since .

  23. Jarrett Gardner says:

    The problem is ..there no legitimate sighting … You got the police monitoring Google updated information posted online concerning B.L.

    What a fkn joke … This is all nothing but hot air for more eyeballs watching their local N.C. News Channel

  24. CHEROKEE SURVIVAL760 says:


  25. farthingfox says:

    They are looking in the wrong area. I picked up a Brian Laundrie looking guy in CA. Dropped him off near Weed CA at hwy 97 I-5 junction. It's fun to watch the combined FBI, dog and law enforcement morons trying to find him. A regular ordinary citizen is likely to solve this at this point.

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