Cops who found Brian Laundrie's remains release new details

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29 Responses

  1. Crystle Delacruz says:

    No new info here.

  2. Rosita Otero says:

    I don’t understand why it’s being said that Laundries remains were found by ??? in reality they were found by his parents. This is a cover up.

  3. Connie White says:

    He’s not dead. This is all bullshit. False flag

  4. Carol Dean says:

    So Who was Gabby Petito and Braiñ Laundrie living with in New York since they changed and moved from Florida North Port
    Before they went on there road trip

  5. Corinne Contino says:

    Lies Lies Lies… Brian Landry's remains were found by his Parents.

  6. Imene BH says:

    I don't belive that he killed him self he might be alive too

  7. Alan Miell says:

    This sounds fishy to me, brians uncle a dentist confirm jaw bones and teeth same as the women beater, the parents could of planted fake evidence, as they have acted strangely all along and covered fore there women beater son, Sorry the police messed up so badly, you could clearly see the distress gabby was in when they stopped them , they should of escorted beautiful gabby home safe to her parents, as alot of friends said gabby was frightened of him, and wanted to break the relationship off, perhaps thats why this women beater killed her, beautiful gabby deserved so much more than this women beater, and could of had the choice of any young man she liked, he,s one ugly eomen beater

  8. Diane Souza says:

    The public solve this case not the police. Red White and buffoon led the police to Gabby and the parents stage the area of Brians remains. The only thing the police did was to this case completely up and drive around wasting $2000000 for nothing

  9. THORN BUSH says:

    I dont know which one should or would of been more offended to be compared to each other…mom or Brian…lol

  10. anne weber says:

    As many idiots as the US education system has continuously produced, one would think that even repetitious bullshit would stop. Somehow ones basic human instincts would alert the viewer to the dumbing down of information, but I guess, those uneducated souls enjoy the repetitive nature of bullshit news.

    I suppose it’s just more comforting to receive a bag of shit when all you’ve ever received is a bag of shit. Ugh. For those who have nothing better to do but to posses a few critical thinking skills, I wish that “news” actually existed or that the false reporting “news” would simply choke out those creating nonsense

  11. anne weber says:


  12. Beverly Kingrey says:

    I think Brian is still alive and the bones they found were planted just to throw the police off. But that’s just my opinion.

  13. Sunday Piper says:

    They didn't notice that he didn't come back from the camping trip. That's when he disappeared

  14. Evda Ribarovski says:

    Omg well it was my theory all along that allegedly he may have committed suicide. He couldn't face up to what he did and a long jail term was awaiting him
    You men out there learn to control your bloody anger. That's all I have to say. So sad for both families. My sincere condolences.

  15. Denise Reghetti says:

    What are authorities hiding Covering up. How deeply are they involved in these CRIMES COMMITTED against women mothers children

  16. Denise Reghetti says:

    Authorities. LIE

  17. CindyLuWho says:

    Shocking reveal? Shut up.

  18. Pat Mcateer says:

    If his parent were really concerned they would never have taken the car…they knew he was dead..

  19. R. says:

    Look for Joseph Laundrie working at Long Island police department NY.
    He's helping Chris and Robert to get Brian off the book.
    If anyone is able to investigate this, take that to News Nation or to the FBI or to anyone more concerned.

  20. Jigsaw JP says:

    "Lead agency " …pronounced LEED! NOT LEAD Like the element…..geesh

  21. Chrissie Mendes says:

    I don't buy that they moved to New York. Her dad moved to FL to be closer to her

  22. kim clayton says:

    Narcissists don't commit suicide! I also believe these are not his remains and the Laundries had enough time to put together any crazy scheme they wanted to. I trust no one in that family. They haven't given anyone a reason to trust them. It is a Family that I would never want anything to do with!!!

  23. kim clayton says:

    The parents knew he left for the park "grieving " if they knew he was grieving they knew who he was grieving for and that he had killed her. Isn't that illegal to know someone is guilty of a crime by them telling you personally they did said crime and then not reporting that to the LE? They said his remains should not be as decomposed as they were. His(BL) uncle is a dentist. Without independent DNA proving those are his remains…not by DNA of the teeth but by jaw bone or other bones ..I have a hard time believing that they are really his remains. Why buy a burner phone with his mom if his plan was to go out there and kill himself? That doesn't make sense either!

  24. Cindy Houston says:

    Its shady i don't believe the remains are brian they spent million looking and couldn't find him so of course they have to say those remains were his bs

  25. kimber wolvert says:

    Was he naked – why no clothing on the bones

  26. Emmbie Emmbie says:

    Two things I can’t understand (1) where are Brian’s clothes? Makes no sense not one article was intact. (2) there’s no way anyone can convince me the parents knew nothing about Gabby. If they knew nothing no lawyer would’ve been retained immediately.

  27. Don Karns says:

    You gained viewers when you FINALLY dropped the goggles. The same is going to happen when you up your game in hair and clothes!

  28. Raquel Lambropoulos says:

    Are you crazy?? A body in swamp water and humid weather with alligators and snapping turtles and wild boar. Would be skeletal FAST!! Even Gabby was skeletal and she was not in water.

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