Cops found 29 dolls in this man's house cop looks closer & runs to the officer

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11 Responses

  1. Arewa hair care TV says:

    Why is he alive?

  2. Marci Turner says:

    No one is ever healed. No one can heal anyone, except our one and only Creator and Saviour alone. If "literally healed", then we would never continue taking medications for our illnesses, as with mental illnesses, etc. As well as never having our body parts removed and disregarded. That's only getting rid of the infected body parts. Healed means have no sign of illness while still have your whole body; including original tissues left in your body that you were naturally born with.

  3. Tamika Maloney says:

    This Man knows and understands exactly what he is doing, and he knew before the Acs that what he was doing was morally wrong and evil.
    This Man will committed the same act's of evil again.
    When I look at the whole legal system military system educational system governmental system financial systems religious system and the rest of the factions of different institutions and agencies all of it is evil.
    This world is indeed at the end of days and it is evident that the world is not improving, the fruits of the people are evident, many have no true intentions of changing and being remorseful and repentant.
    The adults have chosen to create a living hell on Earth for the Innocent children who are being born into this world, and it is always Innocent children and Innocent people who are suffering at the hands of the majority who knowingly choose from their own free mind and free will to be EVIL.

  4. ruth kletke says:

    I think a mental institution would be like a luxury hotel for him. They get field trips, good food, TV, dances, nice beds and rooms. He needs to be locked up in a jail cell and given his meds. I feel for the parents. Can you imagine going to a cemetery of your dead child only to find the grave tampered with? Sick, sick, sick.

  5. Vicki Chavez says:

    That is a bizarre thing he does

  6. Colette Lavoie says:

    This is one sick man.hope he stays in solitary confinement forever!!!

  7. Joanna Hernandez says:

    OMG OMG OMG …. massive failure with all concerned authorities, how could this happen …. ??? Who were these poor children, God may they rest in your arms in peace. I am sorry but for me the death penalty. Why should society pay for his keep for the rest of his life, he will never be able to live with the rest of us. I cannot imagine the pain of the families…. what a trauma!!!

  8. Joe Matysik says:

    Ewe you said they were dolls

  9. Crystal Shealey says:

    What happened?

  10. jenny clark says:

    This man needs to be institutionalized and given meds

  11. Susan Nevells says:

    Wow what a sick person . He very creepy

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