Consumer protection careers: Fraud, identity theft and social engineering | Cyber Work Podcast

Adam Levin of CyberScout talks to us about scams, identity theft and more across the cybersecurity industry from the 1970s until today. He also tells us about his podcast, What the Hack with Adam Levin, which is focused on hacking, fraud and theft.

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0:00 – Intro
3:01 – Origin story
7:07 – Bank safety in the old days
8:02 – Fraud and scams over the years
9:27 – Tactics today
13:15 – Scam experiences
14:33 – Scam embarrassment and stigma
18:17 – What the Hack podcast
20:22 – A taste of What the Hack
21:28 – How do you pursue stories for the podcast?
25:38 – How do you structure episodes?
26:44 – Humor in cybersecurity environment
28:43 – Work from home balance
30:25 – What is hot in fraud right now
36:50 – Credit reports
38:28 – Consumer protection and fraud careers
42:53 – Cyber savvy countries
44:31 – Predictions on fraud evolution
48:26 – Benefit to nationwide education?
50:42 – Optimism for security education
52:26 – Find out more about What the Hack
52:58 – Outro

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