Considering Lexington Law? Do This One Thing First

Summary: Lexington Law can work for some people. But before considering Lexington Law, there are some things you should do first. Everything that Lexington Law can do, you can do as well.

First, you should pull your credit report from By law, you are entitled to a free credit report annually from each of the 3 major credit bureaus. Your credit report will contain detailed information about your personal, lending, and public history. By reviewing your credit report, you can identify what is reporting negatively about you. These negative marks could be anything from charge-offs, to collection items, to delinquencies. It is your right to dispute any information that is inaccurate on your credit report. And it is not just limited to just inaccurate information; anything on your credit report that is unverifiable, misleading, untimely, or incomplete can also be disputed. You are the best person to judge if the information on your credit report is disputable.

Free credit report:

If you do find some inaccurate information, you can choose to use Lexington Law to help you get the negative marks removed. Or, you can just do it yourself. The credit repair process is lengthy, but it is not difficult. You can start by writing each credit bureau a letter disputing the inaccurate information. Avoid online disputes, you want to have a paper trail. You want to send all your letters via certified mail with a return receipt request. Also, remember to document all your correspondence. In your letter, you can simply state that you want to dispute the inaccurate information. You don’t necessarily have to give evidence, although any evidence you do have will make your case stronger. Additionally, you can also dispute the information directly with provider of the information. The provider is a lender or company that reports your information to the credit bureau. So if you found inaccurate information about your car loan, you can dispute the information both with the credit bureaus and with the institution that you financed the car with.

Sample letter disputing information with credit bureau:

Sample letter disputing information with provider:

Lastly, before considering Lexington Law, it important to realize that building credit is usually more important than repairing credit. As time passes, the negative marks on your credit repair will count for less and less. So if you have established credit and the only thing keeping you from qualifying for a loan is some negative marks, go ahead and give credit repair a try. However, if you don’t have established credit, it is best to work on building your credit first. You should be working on establishing good payment history and having low balances. If you have several lines of credit, continue to make your payments on time and work on bringing your balances down. If you have no lines of credit or just one, apply for a secured credit card so you can start building your credit. Secured credit card are designed for people with poor credit. While you are getting your credit built, you can simultaneously work on repairing your credit.

New to credit? Check out my free guide to build credit for those who have no credit.


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13 Responses

  1. DC's Consumer Reviews says:

    you can get stuff off. But if it's a sold account, the creditor can give it back to original creditor and they can put it back on your account

  2. L C says:

    Up until this point:
    Step 1: I have disputed items and gotten what reports removed that I could.
    Step 2: I paid off collections
    Step 3: Used Self to get a credit builder loan
    Step 4: Got a self and Capitol 1 secured card
    Step 5: Using LexingtonLaw for a few months to see if they are able to get better results with collections/disputes that I could not get removed myself.
    Step 6: after all debt is paid, and remarks removed, continue to use both secured cards to build credit…. Lesson learned, moving on.

  3. Melanie Rodgers says:

    I was TOTALLY satisfied with L.L. in fact I may use them again here in the future.

  4. Virginia Sheldon says:

    A lot of Americans suffers credit errors because they haven’t met the right one to help them out, so they go ahead falling into the wrong side. I was once a victim of that scandal but after I made the right choice by contacting

    to fix my credit which he did exactly what I was expecting he got all the items in collections, hard inquires, loans, medical bills, bank judgment out of my report and boost my score from 510 to 780 plus and everything is now working perfectly on my credit and I got approved for the capital one credit card I applied for. He is also good in fixing all kinds of hacking issues and repairing of Chex Systems. If you need to reach him out please kindly contact him now with the following details.

  5. ashley Shoop says:

    I am debt free, has blessed me by paying off my loans, credit cards payment and cleared all late payments, they're simply the best try them out…

  6. Demetria Brown says:

    Thank you for Being honest and i learn alot by going in at the web you posted .it takes time in rebuilding your credit.i sign up for self builder do i need to sign up for open sky too. I already have one card with a 500 limit

  7. Russ DAngelo says:

    Lexington Law sucks!! They did nothing for me. Thing is, if your negative accounts are accurate, how can you dispute it? It's your debt!! However, this is the first video that makes sense. Instead of trying to repair old credit, build new credit with secured cards. Had I done this two years ago instead of Lexington Law, I would be in the high 700's, even 800's. I just got my Capital One secured card a few days ago and already made a few charges and paid it down. I'm getting the Discover IT card next week and am excited!! I will pay my bills ON TIME, keep my utilization under 10% and pay off the FULL balance when it's due. That's a lot better than waiting for Lexington Law to actually do something for you. You can actually make things worst by digging into your negative past. I would leave it alone and build new credit, just my two cents.

  8. Rising Cred says:

    Do you have credit, but it’s not quite where you want it to be? Learn how to improve your credit score with my Credit Comeback guide.

  9. jorge sanchez says:

    This was great, been searching for "easy credit repair" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Fanrayson Creditor Indemnization – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my mate got amazing success with it.

  10. Nathan Carrasquillo says:

    Ok so what if the negative account is accurate and verified. Would it still make sense to try to remove it?

  11. Stan V says:


  12. Andrew says:

    Thank you. Great video.
    I'm gonna try lexington law and see what happens for me.

  13. Julius Jones says:

    The best credit builder information from your video

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