Congress Wants To Ban Credit Scores | Major Changes Ahead

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Lets talk about new recent changes to your credit score, new lending options with banks, and how congress wants to create their own FICO scoring system – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan






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how to get rid of something on your credit report

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41 Responses

  1. Ross says:

    Also, theres talk of a ‘social score’.

  2. Ross says:

    No, you didn’t need a credit score for a credit card. Its called ‘secured account’.

  3. Dewes Claire says:

    Being comfortable can be your worst enemy, you think you have enough until you find yourself in a situation where you do make money any more and then you realize it was never enough, so you must do your best to invest as much as you can. Most of us don't even realize how inflation reduces the value of what ever we have in our savings but the banks on the other hand, invest the money and still charge you for keeping it, that's why I invest with Suzanne Stephens Ellis.

  4. Hannah Campbell says:

    I've been very aggressive with my investments but I still make very little profit. However, I've really been reading about investors that made upto $150K NET PROFIT in 2months and I'd love to know how I can outperform the market and make such profit.

  5. Elaine Schultz says:

    Most of us don't even realize how inflation reduces the value of what ever we have in our savings but the banks on the other hand, invest the money and still charge you for keeping it, that's why I invest with Suzanne Stephens Ellis.

  6. money8892 says:

    Please stop with the credit card puns

  7. Dave Runion says:

    You want to really see the system messed up? Put the government in charge of it. They can f*k up a wet dream.

  8. Jon Hatten says:

    They should do away with credit can you imagine how much the economy would boost okay think about this Gm sells about 500,000 chevy trucks a years prob about 300,000 serria's think about how many people are in the USA its not really that good imagine how many they would sell if anyone could get one the auto industry would boost so would the house market everything would boost

  9. epicwhat001 says:

    why don't we just go back to the old ways and give credit by skin color.

  10. Otis Driftwood says:

    Just imagine the stupidest idea you could come up with and a Democrat will Top it.

  11. Chris Thompson says:

    Gotta love credit score… dont miss a single payment for months, goes up to 710….. Lose my job… 300 credit score even quicker

  12. Morgen Holz says:

    The government needs to stay out of it. They know too much of your business as it is.

  13. Joe Steadman says:

    Dude like half the comments I see are spam for financial programs…

  14. Lauren Riley says:

    What about people who already built up their score? I would not want my bank or balance information to be available. Who cares what my balance is as long as you get the money. I can get behind the idea for people first starting to build credit. For people that already have built up great credit, this could be bad news. I worked hard to build what I have up, and I am not huge fan of losing it because other people do not want to find a way to learn how to play the game. I am not conservative or liberal. If I built things up from nothing, I should be able to keep what I have mistakes and all. This feels like it is resetting everybody to square one and an effort to get more money out of people. Of course banks are going to go along with this, they want more people to have credit cards to make more money. I do not care if things change, but I want to keep my "exceptional" standing. It does not matter if it is numbers or pictures of animals. I built it, so I keep it.

  15. robert boykin says:

    They are just jealous of my 804 ratings.

  16. robert boykin says:

    You see, they are afraid about employment when they get kicked out.

  17. Jackson Smith says:

    My credit score scored me 2.99% interest rate on my Auto Loan. Although the dealership screwed me over by tackling on $6,000 in hidden fees (warranty and gap insurance) that they didn't tell me about until I signed the papers.

  18. Grumpy Oldphart says:

    I had a 750 score. Refinanced my home for a lower rate and traded a car for a new one. My score dropped 80 points. Go figure.

  19. C F says:

    Your gender and be fluid however your credit score cannot be.

  20. Gavin Haynes says:

    Great! Credit scores and how it's based on is stupid along with the government. Throw away all the pieces of shits.

  21. Devin S. says:

    So are we glossing over the intro where he says "What's up Graham, it's guys here!"?

  22. Brandon Thomas says:

    A lot of people in the comments forget that the UNITED STATES isn't the standard for the planet, its actually the MAJOR MINORITY…. We are just a BLIP to the rest of the planet… Just because its "Normal" to us, doesn't mean its the standard or the RIGHT Way.. Credit scoring is mostly just a USA Thing

  23. Michelle Best says:

    I’m glad get rid of the racist credit score

  24. David Pearson says:

    Congress did the same stupid thing back during the Obama terms with housing. Giving out loans to irresponsible people is stupid and they obviously haven't learned their lesson. Maybe they should teach credit in schools instead of CRT. Idiots.

  25. curtis m says:

    I think credit usage is silly as well. I understand they don't want you to desperately continue to borrow more, but … if a person with bad credit gets a credit card, there's usually a $300 limit these days. So they're supposed to spend $80 bucks a month to build credit? I couldn't even use that as a gas card, and I work from home and have no commute! I would rather lend money to someone who pays off that entire $300 credit debt on time every month than make someone play the 30% game.

  26. Michael Williams says:

    Credit scores are FOR, for-profit companies. not for charities.

  27. SBKing says:

    Whenever the Govt or banks tell you something is good, do the opposite.

  28. Colton Kelly says:

    I been building for a year now (I'm 27) had no history prior and I got lucky with one of graham's videos I watched and was able to get discover secured card which is now a legit credit card but due to all the recent issues working construction hours have been really low and I've maxed my credit card paying bills, struggling to keep my savings and pay off credit debt. I know I can pull thru I just don't know when lol

  29. Brad Coleman says:

    Yeah, it would be much faster and easier for FICO to simply include on-time payment history from all sources, plus their financial position (assets – debts). Basically, what you said at 8:50.

  30. Chaotic Good says:

    "To me it's a lot more important to focus on a solution that gets people from SOMETHING to NOTHING." -Graham Stephan, 2021

  31. Dj soa says:

    Why are you saying (what up Graham is guys here!) LMAO

  32. Zeltzin Tlachinolli says:

    I'm about to leave this country

  33. Sharparter says:

    I think its time they do this. It will give people an opportunity to buy a house, get a vehicle, etc. They should have done this years ago. There are people who need things and get get them dued to a low credit score. It is better than to have a few companies saying you can't buy a house, vehicle etc. At least with this you can. And the medical bills usually causes alot of people hardship on their credit score anyway. So I say yes to this.

  34. Big Dog says:

    Credit Scores are important. Experian however should be run off the face of this planet. They are Extorting people right in front of our eyes and getting away with it. (Criminal) Here's how, They tell you all the time in commercial's that if you buy there products, (services) they will raise your Score. it does not get any clearer than that. Hold your score down unless you pay them to raise it. How bout they just do what they are supposed to do. Experian you Suck!

  35. Charles Riley says:

    It's a racket. If you use your credit card, usage goes up. Credit card company sees usage go up, lowers your limit. Which makes usage go up more.
    Downward spiral ensues.

  36. Robert Cerdas says:

    So many bots ..

  37. Eric Ruiz says:

    850 credit resto mods incoming haha

  38. peter emilo says:

    All of us started out with no credit and all of us had to build that credit over time. these proposals are dangerous and silly.

  39. Big Kid says:

    So instead of holding people accountable for anything let’s lower the standards. Oh, that’s going to work out well. One ridiculous thing after another. Looks like a new way to destroy small banks. Let’s start with eliminating taxes firsts!

  40. Deuce724 says:

    Why isn’t manual underwriting good enough? Government doesn’t need to be any more involved.

  41. David Steyn says:

    "What's up Graham? It's guys here!"
    Lol. I love this content.

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