Congress Wants to Ban Credit Scores | Government In Charge of Scores

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34 Responses

  1. Sessy A. says:

    I don't want them knowing how much I have in my accounts…

  2. Jose Martinez says:

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  3. Loreen Behun says:

    My landlord at the time of renting told me it would cost me $1,200 per household if they wanted to report it to the credit bureau

  4. Wysun The Majestic says:

    This is bullsh** but we only have ourselves to blame if we allow this fuckery

  5. Nick McCallum says:

    Hard pulls should not stay for 2 years. Shopping for a car and them just seeing if they can finance you should not hurt your score.

  6. Michael Hauser says:

    A credit score has nothing to do with anything..still get denied with a 850 credit score..unbelievable

  7. King Beowulf says:

    Personally I see this as a win. I've never been late on a payment, always payed the full amount and never maxed out my card and yet my credit score is still stuck on 648. Personally I'm tired of busting my ass just for my score to sit where it is

  8. AHFCWGL COM says:

    So giving more control of our information to the government, absolutely NOT! They do not need to make this move. Changes need to be made for sure, but the government is already bigger than was intended by the founding fathers!!!!!

  9. V Jones says:

    Swipe it free

  10. Ms Missy says:

    Yup…that's what they do, anything to keep us back. SMH!

  11. SafariBroadcasting says:

    If the banks are forced to make riskier loans that fail, then the other low-risk borrowers are going to be forced to pay for these failures through higher fees and interest. Banks are not charitable. It is like a tax for good credit scores.

  12. BJ Isaac says:

    The people pushing for this change don’t have the knowledge and better be careful what they are asking for when we are talking about government involvement. Even that China system they have going on, that’s not a system that people can take advantage of. Get knowledge people on credit and change your mindset. Use credit to better your life. Stop using excuses and leaning on government for help. Get out of your own way!

  13. kb 2003 says:

    Bcuz the dollar ain't worth crap

  14. Xiomara González says:


  15. Harry Young says:

    No government control

  16. stacy bravard says:

    Im mixed on that one its cool they want to wipeout credit scores but see hear is why I don't want the Government involved with they want to take over on anything and could really screw us up in some messed up way as to keep us from succeeding our American Dream. They again can have to much of a hold on us.

  17. Jonathan Kirkwood says:

    Also those without resources

  18. Crypto Xtreme says:

    I say give it a shot! Let’s see what happens! If it doesn’t work, then the next President can come in and revamp it to a new system or go back to the old one! ☕️

  19. Juan Lopez says:

    Reason: Xhy NA. Social Credit score and control.

  20. Debra Estrict says:

    I for one truly thank you for your information your experience and your help ! The credit system needs to be overhauled

  21. Mike Arace says:

    Negative information should NOT stay on a credit report for 7 years. That’s ridiculous. That must be much less, maybe 4 years TOPS. Lots of other things that need to change also.

  22. Cindy says:

    Everyone has different circumstances and some people come from financially secure families and other families are not as fortunate.
    So yes, l hope congress does change the credit agencies and allow those that have been at a disadvantage financially will possibly have
    a chance to get a somewhat fair shake. l don't believe peoe choose to have bad credit, but rather life happens.
    People lose jobs, they get serious illnesses and divorces do occur which can impact a family financially!
    A number of circumstances can occur to change one's credit score/history and financial status.
    Yes, people deserve another chance or opportunity to turn their credit around!
    I hope congress does change some rules regarding the three credit agencies. And, as far as l'm concerned, l have found out from friends and neighbors they are looking
    forward to the change.

  23. Jorge Franco says:

    Bottom line in my opinion like I’ve said before is… the gov doesn’t want people to succeed and they want data. It’s all about control. They may seem like they care. But if the world governments really cared about the people, Their wouldn’t be any starving children

  24. Michelle Bistrup says:

    Absolutely not

  25. Linda Bev says:

    Just trying to live a quiet life..

  26. Gerline Roberts says:

    The card company don't want help all for them the credit thrives open account in people name

  27. Linda Bev says:

    You can't rent an apartment without a 650 credit score..I have no credit cards and pay cash for everything..look what it got me..maybe time to revamp,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  28. Gerline Roberts says:

    The credit is unfair to some people they need check theirs elves little every body hasn't got perfect but they can't produce card then people cut build credit

  29. DaVoice Will says:

    This would be great for people like myself who have been a victim of identity theft where people have open multiple accounts in your name that still fighting with those old debts that you never opened in first place.

  30. Nereida Rivera says:

    I'm happy about that

  31. Lisa Addison says:

    How are you doing

  32. Omar Z says:

    It's looking like China around here and people are uninformed and actually happy

  33. Ariana Sherry says:

    Lmao our Government with $27 Trillion what’s their credit score? Lol

  34. Irv Official says:

    ►Credit cleaning Bundles & E-book:
    ►Ultimate Credit Hacks & Financial Literacy Academy:
    ►Boost credit score by up to 40 points in only 10 days Use code: IRV25 (Get $25 OFF):

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