Confederacy: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Confederate symbols are still celebrated despite the ugly history they symbolize. John Oliver suggests some representations of southern pride that involve less racism and more Stephen Colbert.

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45 Responses

  1. Person 6 Billion says:

    naming military bases after confederates is like if we named military bases after places in Vietnam

  2. Lorie Esqueda says:

    The statues at the end,and Stephen Cobair

  3. Jayson Lima says:

    So concerning Gen Lee, and, a few other points to follow, there's a very small plaque at Fort Rodman in New Bedford MA that says that when the general was a captain of engineers in the US Army, declaring that in (I forget the year) he designed the fort and then went onto the describe how the fort was one of the first to incorporate the new (at the time) Rodman guns, and how due to lack of funding the only 3 level coastal fort (in the USA) was completed as a 2 level, and a ton of other cool info-blurbs.
    You can remember history, easy peasy. Just keep it in context; not everyone who did bad things, accomplished nothing good, and the reverse is true. The Confederacy had some extremely competent generals, working for an admittedly sh!t cause, and a rank and file of incredible tenacity, they (on the battlefield) had some legitimately impressive moments.
    However it should be treated the same way that the US Armour teaches its officers Rommel. Great leaders, with devoted rank and file, can and do work for evil.
    Honor what they did, by all means. Respect their courage, absolutely. Learn from the tactics, leadership, well thats just a given.
    That being said, the cause, the reason that they were fighting, and what they were fighting for should never be forgotten (these sound all very similar but they are not trust me, for Americans ask a Vietnam Vet if they approved of the war before going in and what they fought for while "in country" both sides in the Civil War had a "draft" after all) There are lessons to be learned from every aspect in history, even if its a "let's not F up that bad ever again."
    Ole Bobby Lee, was a smart man, and when push came to shove sided with his state (at the time most "Americans" were more loyal to their state that the federal government so can't really be faulted for that) and he fought a good war, ceded defeat, and was (at the time) branded a traitor (by former confederates) for seaking peace with the union and working with them during reconstruction. So knowing that, I find it very interesting how he's remembered today. ……
    Ok so that's a long enough rant, we all came to laugh at John's jokes after all and I'm sure my opinion is in the minority so I'll shut up now before I get myself into trouble….

  4. name says:

    At the 2:04 mark you can spot John at the rally on the left. Didn't know about this side of him.

  5. canaryinacoalmine says:

    Angry woman: “We can’t erase our history!”

    Me: You are absolutely right so let’s fix that by taking down monuments that are intended to scare minorities, have a discussion about real events, and perhaps pick better candidates to enshrine in our culture.

  6. Abaddon MacArthur says:

    I live in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and there is that Huge and noticeable confederate flag on Interstate 95, a major road that leads to the City of Raleigh. I avoid taking that road because every time I see the flag, it feels like a confederate(which I automatically associate with someone that supports slavery) telling me, "we are still here, and with the right people in the government, you will see us again." I know and agree that history, whether it is good or bad, or if we like it or not, are events that happened, and we must learn from them, keep them in libraries, and teach in schools, but not glorify them.

  7. Lynn Adams says:

    Full Title of Charles Darwin's Book Origin of the Species by Natural Selection, or the Preservation of the PREFERRED races in the struggle for life ! P. S. The North killed AMERICAN soldiers too.

  8. Alchem Vhagar says:

    The Confederacy lasted less than five years. Heritage/culture my ass

  9. T J says:

    Are you propping up Savile, to avoid the allegations against the 2600 people in your media and government who were implicated in sex trafficking? We haven't even really dived into the fact that the royal family has some shit to deal with

  10. Amish DeNiro says:

    I swear to the best representation of a God I have, I saw that weirdo 90's commercial way back in the day.

  11. Ashok Mehta says:

    We cannot move forward unless we own our past, no matter how bad it is. Otherwise we are likely to repeat the past. It is called growing up!

  12. Reverend Hammer says:

    If your parents neglect and abuse you, are you responsible for their behavior?

    No; but you may still be responsible for perpetuating their evil ways!

  13. Burt Baggins says:

    I'm fine with the flags ans what not being taken down. That's really not an issue, but the statues of soldiers should be left alone. Many of the men and boys who died had nothing to do with the politics of the day and where just poor farmers and stuff themselves. I'd leave memorials to soldiers that died, and take down all the rest. All the politician statues and commanders and stuff can go just leave the memorials.

  14. WaywardScythe says:

    Holy shit I used to go to Dixie Stampede as a kid. Totally forgot about it. Honestly it’s nothing more or less than that ad shows, a very poorly themed kitschy tourist trap in the Midwest, except maybe the chicken does taste better than it looks.

  15. draconiclady0610 says:

    I love John's tone of amazement that Stephen has a show that's on five days a week.

  16. ana-one says:

    They really were trying to tell us in school that state rights was the reason for the Civil War

  17. Pumpkinlord111 says:

    Im from Germany and we know what did this country did.
    And we still removed the Hitler statues.
    And still remember it, without having to see these, or all the other shit.

  18. Pumpkinlord111 says:

    Who even is this?

  19. Pumpkinlord111 says:

    "My family defended their farm under this flag"
    No, thats just the first version of the war flag, it got changed some months after, the original flag is called "Stars and Bars".
    Funny that some people know nothing about their "proud heritage"

  20. Mark Mason says:

    Hi John, why haven't they gone after mohamid who was a slaver and committed genocide on several occasions? Surely pulling down mosques would also be an excellent action? These of course represent mohamid and his child obsessed followers in slavery and human trafficking and women enslavement and degradation. Yet for some reason they all focus on the British empire and people long dead, don't really understand how that helps when there are still Muslim groups continuing to engage in slavery? Surely they should be focused on stopping them?

  21. Denver Arnold says:

    "This is my heritage." Sit down, your heritage lasted all of 5 years, and is overtly racist. If the confederate flag is "part of your heritage", then Pokemon is part of mine.

  22. Kaede Sakura says:

    As a German I also seriously am forked if we are responsible for ancestor stuff

  23. XSage1113 says:

    So I actually went to the dixie sampeede, it was a pretty good show. But every problem he mentioned was true.

  24. Matthew Weng says:

    I keep wondering if anyone today supporting the ‘Southern Ideals’, actually realize that they’ve hitched their wagon to the draft horse of denial and are quietly trying to find a way to backpedal gracefully after supporting a truly horrifying piece of American history.

    Maybe we should have ‘White’ and ‘Colored’ bathrooms again… you know, for the sake of historical accuracy.

  25. thediamondshard says:

    Away down south in the land of traitors rattlesnake and alligators

  26. Alpaca Male says:

    This aged like milk

  27. Margot the Destroyer says:

    Off topic a bit. The slave holding class in the South was only 20% of the population. The majority of such slavers were poor with few slaves. What I never understood is despite slavery being actively against the interests of most whites, they still enthusiastically fought to sustain it. The only explanation I can think of is the racism of whites was so powerful, they were willing to fight and die to actively fuck themselves over. Quite incredible.

  28. Pedro Labrada says:

    Keep the flag. You can’t compare this with Hitler and the 3 reich

  29. Collectively Stalked CA says:

    State's rights have always been used for racist causes then…means State Laws and Legislation would be written to dismantle Federalism, then.
    Every time I listen or see Trump it makes me nervous… living through his Presidency and thinking to what he could still do… Trump gave the USA PTSD and they still might re-elect him…

  30. David Stewart says:

    Although I generally agree with his point to equate the "Confederacy" and some of the things they believed in to a pedophile is not a good comparison for many reasons.

  31. James Davies says:

    5:50 the data in that graph…adds up…to 101%

  32. Onyx Squire says:

    I mean technically the "mainly about states rights" is accurate, as long as that state right is to own slaves

  33. Jim Barr Official says:

    Believe nothing from the SPLC – they are nothing but a hate group.

  34. Luis says:

    Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. History has stopped, and this process continues minute by minute and day by day.
    -George orwell

  35. Maximo Cambria says:

    A "Confederacy" with a President and a Constitution? How's that possible?

  36. Bodenlose Dosenhose says:

    "Scotland Yard describes him as a predatory sex offender."
    That's putting it mildly. They and the police actually described him as "one of Britain's worst pedophile offenders", "one [of] the most prolific sex offenders the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) has ever come across", said that they were "dealing with alleged abuse on an unprecedented scale" and called his life of crime with up to 300 (!) victims a "tsunami of filth".

  37. hooniganlife says:

    Regardless of slaves or not, when slavery was legal in the north, and it was during the war and black people weren't actually free till they reached Canada in the large majority of states, they tried to succeed for economic freedom and taxation from the north.

  38. Sintar07 says:

    Your problem is you THINK you're fighting some obviously evil resurgence of an old pro slavery government, but what you're ACTUALLY fighting is a symbol of southern solidarity and heritage that people of all races and politics happily flew as fellow southerners until our left wing decided to make it a wedge issue.

    Quick reminder, the people who actually fought and defeated the Confederacy (the other party), were in favor of forgiveness and reunification. Leaving them their symbols was part of that and it hasn't been an issue until the past decade, LOOONG after both sides that actually fought and made up have died.

  39. Steven Campbell says:

    The new confederate flag is the blue lives matter flag

  40. Donald J Taylor says:

    The British Empire Brought Slavery to America. It took America less than 90 years to ban Slavery & gave the Irish the right to vote. Can the Irish vote in Britain ?

  41. Jen ny says:

    Everyone should go read the Japanese man’s journal describing what the slave trade in America was like. It is brutal. Absolutely brutal.

  42. Jacob Lesenke says:

    Her: you can’t change history!
    Me: It’s like he’s staring right into my soul

  43. Pi vot says:

    A footage of taking down Iraqs statute in the 2nd iraq war would fit perfectly 😉
    Or 3rd i dunno how often countries bombed them

  44. Ludi et Historia says:

    I'm a statue and I find this offensive.

  45. chellefell 13 says:

    I'm rewatching this, and I think it is funny that the same people who think the statues should have stayed bc they were history, are the exact same people who dont want crt taught in school. ya know, real american history.

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