Community Property States vs. Common Law & What It Means to YOU

All about community property states and common law states for real estate, divorce, taxes and why it really matters to you. Visit or call +1-954-400-1050 Please “Like,” SUBSCRIBE: / Discount code “BG25” for $25 off a land trust or LLC and “BGTrust100” for $100 off of an asset protection trust. Call today and speak with one of our attorneys or consultants.

Insider’s Guide to Asset Protection

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5 Responses

  1. Dr. Dude says:

    just here to say good monring BG, and to enjoy the ever useful videos you upload each with a deluge of info.

  2. Eugene Smiley says:

    These videos are all awesome! I have learned so much!!

  3. V Prince says:

    Mr. Business Guy, do you have any advise upon the purported theory of banks & Irs being given the unlawful latitude to snoop into people accounts to which they report to irs? And can person just establish their account for limited purpose of cashing their check and taking all their money out of that bank ?

  4. The Business Guy says:

    Community property states are mainly in the western and southwestern United States as well as Louisiana and Wisconsin.

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