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Always consult a financial advisor or attorney for the most accurate information that pertains to your credit situation! Always pay your debts BEFORE they hit your credit. Individual results will vary, based on differences in credit reports, contract terms, state laws and statue of limitations. I make no guarantees that this method will work for you.Trust but verify and do your homework!


Top 5 Credit Tips:

0:00 Stop Paying Collections
0:56 Paying Collections Will Not Increase Your Score


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Credit Repair Pros & Cons:

FIRST: pull your credit report & identify what is lowering your score.
Navigate to Experian or (they have free trials) and pull your 3 reports + Scores! has reports but DOES NOT display scores.


-1. You don’t have ENOUGH credit established.
-2. You have late payments on your report.
-3. You have accounts in COLLECTIONS
-4. Your accounts are closed to being maxed out
-5. You have a public record such as a bankruptcy or foreclosure.

-CALL the creditor and negotiate the terms of the debt and ask if they can adjust your account status back to current/paid.
-EXPLAIN you are having a tough time and ask if they can remove the late payment as a COURTESY.
-IDENTIFY any inaccuracies and dispute it.

-DISPUTE, DISPUTE, DISPUTE any errors or inaccuracies (name, account opened date, account amount, etc)
-Ask the lender to VALIDATE the debt
-ASK FOR “PAY FOR DELETION”* while I don’t recommend this method, here is how it can be used: Get a letter from the collection agency that states they will DELETE the negative account from your Credit Report, upon receipt of payment. If account balance is already “$0.00” but the negative collections status is still on your report, dispute the debt anyway with the credit bureaus.
-If (Equifax, Experian and/or TransUnion) cannot prove the debt, it’ll get removed*
*According to FCRA Section 609/611 guidelines.

1. Pay down OR PAY OFF your credit cards, loans or any revolving accounts,
2. Ask for the credit card company to raise your credit limit-(DO NOT USE MORE CREDIT; BE RESPONSIBLE).

-NOT impossible, but it’s very hard to do
-Dispute any errors or inaccuracies (ex-spouse’s debt, etc).
-Ask an attorney if this can be rectified. I cannot advise on this.

THIS is the exact way I FIXED MY bad credit score, WITHOUT PAYING a company to help you do it! All of these steps can be taken TODAY to increase your score and remove derogatory marks off your credit report which proper research and guidance from a certified credit advisor (NOT ME) or lender. Having a higher credit score will help you save money with a lower interest rate, getting approved for a home or an apartment, and will even help you get a better job!!! YES, EMPLOYERS CHECK CREDIT!! Please do your own research, this is just general expression of my experience. Not legal advice.

I raised my credit score over 300+ points and I didn’t have to pay anyone! The most common misconception of improving one’s credit score is that if you pay your collections accounts reported on your credit report, this will help your credit score. WRONG! I will explain why disputing collections accounts from your credit report is the BEST method to raise your score! Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. This is strictly for informational purposes and does not replace the advice from a financial advisor, credit bureaus agent or attorney.

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can i dispute a collection on my credit report

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36 Responses

  1. Rosonjya Arceneaux says:

    God Bless You You Are A Godsend I was in the process of paying my creditors I believe I made payment I'm not against paying my Debt but you are Correct the amount I owed verses what they wanted me to pay was like two and three times what I owed I am going to continue to follow your channel and learn how to fight that.

  2. Godriven TV says:

    Hey Jazzy,

    I definitely appreciate you dropping these gems! I wanted to ask a question about this one account I have. It’s this one account that doesn’t appear on any of my credit reports, it was sold to a collections company and Ofcourse they’re harassing me to get me to pay it. Even though it doesn’t appear on any of my reports would I still dispute it with each bureau?

  3. ithegeneral106 says:

    Hey Jazzy,

    New to your channel and I am soaking up all the information like a sponge. I have question. I bought an iPhone from sprint in 2015 and it went into collection (had phone stolen and sprint was not helping me out) For some reason when I go onto credit karma it says my account was opened in 2018. It seems like collection agencys keeps selling debt to each other and updating the date. I had disputed the debt a year ago through the credit karma app and it came back saying "it meets the FCRA requirements" Should I try to dispute again? I was hoping for it to fall off in 2022 when it hits 7 years but they keep changing the date the account was opened!

  4. Ashley Blair says:

    Hi! I purchased the credit boost kit but only downloaded #1 (the templates) i accidentally exited the video before downloading all of them. I still need the following Which are no longer available
    2. Credit Dispute Roadmap (PDF)

    3. Credit Boosting Guide eBook (PDF)

    4. Digital Credit Journal (included in "Credit Boosting Guide eBook")

    5. Video Content (included in "Printable/Editable Dispute Templates")
    Can you help with this?
    Thank you so much great information!

  5. monisha king says:

    I don't know why my msgs disappear. But any hoo, another question…. how would I put in the dispute letters that I need previous addresses removed? Along with all the human errors…. there's extra names and unknown addresses on my report. (Just typos that need to come off)

  6. Angelica Raymo says:

    Can you make a video on what to do if the results come back updated?

  7. sakina smith says:

    Please do a video on late payments.

  8. Matt Axelrod says:


    I commented the other day about my situation with the 25k owed in various cards, that are CLOSED by consumer. I rather dispute them and try…. to avoid working 80hrs a week to pay them back if possible, as I've been doing that for the last year to get through school. And if they did come after me legally later-on worry about it at that point with a attorney. As good-credit can be leveraged TODAY to put me in a good place with the right moves, such as a multi-unit home I wanna get. – Can I get any advice towards my specific situation please? I emailed you the other day if you wanna email.

  9. Garrett Silva says:

    Hi there Jazzy, where do we mail the dispute letter/ letters to?

  10. LT says:

    Hi Jazzy! I would like your guidance on my current situation. I moved from my apartment back in August of this year. I was told that my deposit wouldn't be returned, because they didn't receive a 60 day notice. However, I was never told nor had any knowledge of an outstanding balance. Now three months later, a collection of $378 is on my credit report. When I called property management, I was told that I owed $641 and that my $300 deposit was deducted from that balance. My rent and other bills were paid on time every month. Do you advise that I dispute this balance or should I just pay it? Your guidance is greatly appreciated ♥️

  11. MzCorona says:

    Hey Jazzy, I sent out the first letter from your packet I purchased to credit bureaus for 5 of my accounts last month and I received a letter from one collector stating “ unfortunately your correspondence does not provide sufficient information to investigate your dispute. If you have additional information or supporting documentation for the basis of your dispute that identifies the specific information you believe is being reported incorrectly please mail or fax this information to us.”
    What should I do next ?

  12. Andrea-Marie Baptiste says:

    If I have a credit card in collections but it doesn’t show on my credit report, what should I do?

  13. doyoumissming says:

    I just purchased your templates. I have a question about Chase. I think they have their own collection company, if so, does the same rules apply?

  14. Sharon myde says:

    I purchase your template and I can see the mistakes I made. I just wanted to ask if these applies to Canada credit too..

  15. Karina Portillo says:

    Hey Jazzy! I hope you’re having a great holiday season!

    I submitted my first round of dispute letters and they came back verified without proof (original contract), so I recently submitted the second round—just want to know if this is “normal” or if I should be doing anything further.

    Thanks so much for all the guidance you provide! Xx

  16. orionpax85 says:

    Damn you look good. I’m listening and thank you he your help. I have the letters, about to remove 3 things!

  17. Micheal Dumas II says:

    What do you think about primaries and tradelines?

  18. Franqui Lira says:

    Hello! Thank you for this video. I have a few questions. BEFORE watching your videos I filed disputes online and of course they were denied. So using your templates would I still start with letter #1 or #2 to dispute them again? Also, I just received a letter for a credit card collection that was bought by a debt collector and they are filing for a judgment. What is the best way to settle this? Should I still dispute it or try to make a payment plan? Thank you in advance!

  19. Ms Sarah Oloba says:

    Forget the them collections companies ! Your a blessing ! Getting your template

  20. Tyiesha says:

    love your videos! can you do a video on removing disputes from your credit reports for home buying purposes??

  21. Skinny Pimpin says:

    How does this work with CC charge offs ? Would this still be a letter or what can be done ?

  22. Kenneth Andrews, Jr. says:

    I've tried downloading your package from your site and I am having no luck. would you help please? I loved your credit dispute videos and I really want to use your templates.

  23. steve jenkins says:

    I paid a collections account in full the first week that it was reported, would the dispute letters still work to get the remark removed?

  24. Kingofkings Boxing says:

    It's sad that you have to clarify for people not listening

  25. Breann Padilla says:

    Do you have any tips or templates for removing late payments from credit history?

  26. Ashley Butler says:

    Hey Jazzy, hope all is well with you! I have a question and I’m wondering how to proceed! Hoping you can guide me in the right direction…. Okay so here goes! Years ago I lived in Michigan and I owed state taxes that I forgot to pay but they sent it off to a collection agency, 1 I thought federal n state taxes can’t get reported, so how did it get in a collection agency hands? The collection company keeps calling me, I haven’t answered because I’m unsure of how to handle it so how would you proceed!

  27. Rena Benitez says:

    Do you have an email? I have several questions. Please help!

  28. MzCorona says:

    Hi! New Subscriber here! =) I recently contacted a credit company that's listed as a charge-off on my credit reports and I was trying to pay to delete but they told me the account has passed the statute of limitations and if I wish I could mail them a check to pay but they wouldn't delete. I'm trying to fix my credit on my own to try to buy a house next year and I'm kind of lost. Any suggestions on what to do about this account? BTW thanks for the informational videos, I'm planning on purchasing your kit to dispute other collections I have.

  29. Shanikia Woodbury says:

    Hi, If you have charge offs with the original creditor, are you to send the same letters from round 1?

  30. Shonda says:

    Hi, is something wrong with the credit template? It won’t let me add to cart

  31. Sommer Gonzalez says:

    Hi Jazzy!

    Bought your package and was wondering what exactly you mean by “Use Certified Mail w/ Return Slips and keep receipts for records”?

    Am I basically ONLY including the receipt showing them I paid for it and will KNOW when they receive it?

    Thanks for all the help!!

  32. Desarhyxo says:

    Hi Jazzy! New subscriber here 🙂
    I have a question, my husband paid off a few collection accounts and they are still appearing on his report even though they are paid. On the report it shows as "paid" . How does he go about disputing it with the bureaus to remove it if the debts have been paid? Thanks so much!

  33. King Amongst Kings Sr. says:

    This stuff is too confusing for me. I'm really sitting here stressing myself over what to dispute and what not to dispute. I get you dispute the things in collections, but it's other accounts that's not in collections that's also hurting my credit and I don't know if I should dispute them or not. Nor do I know if I should the exact same accounts on all 3 dispute letters even if 1 of the accounts isn't listed under that particular credit bureau. I hate to spend the $1200 to have someone fix my credit for me, but that's the route I'll probably have to go. Because I feel like I'ma make it worst trying to do it on my own smh.

  34. QUA HUSSEY says:

    Hey question I followed your guidelines and I had an account on collections come back closed that boosted my score 35 points, it also says meets FCRA requirements. What does that mean?

  35. Sammi Tirogene says:

    Hi! I'm getting ready to start the process of disputing my collections, should I hand write it or can I type and mail it off?

  36. Aj Coldiron says:

    I followed your template and got a $1000 collection closed! Thank you!

    Also my mom got served papers about a debt and was forced to sign a contract to pay it off or they'd take her to court. Is your template viable for something like that?

    Thanks again!!!

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