COLLECT W/O JUDGEMENT! (Landlord Credit Bureau now Front Lobby?!)

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Front Lobby’s Vice President Grant Burwash joins ALC Shoptalk to discuss what’s going with the shift from Landlord Credit Bureau to Front Lobby AND HOW TO COLLECT WITHOUT JUDGEMENT!

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Welcome to Alberta Landlord Shoptalk, the only live show dedicated to Alberta Landlords! Our show includes guest landlords and landlord panels, industry speakers, specific questions from the landlords in the community and live Q&A. Focus and deep-dive topics such as tenant screening, evictions, RTDRS, collections, leases, plus much much more!

Tune in, learn and have fun with us!
-MacKenzie & Chris

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dispute judgement on credit report

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    One small thing, the sound is quite low. Thank you. Useful, in depth information about Front Lobby.

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