Colin Powell Dies Of Complications From COVID-19

General Colin L. Powell, former U.S. Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, died Monday morning due to complications from COVID-19. He was fully vaccinated and had been treated for cancer for years. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports on TODAY.

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Colin Powell Dies Of Complications From COVID-19


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43 Responses

  1. Dragon Master says:

    Wonder if any of his loved ones served their country on the front linges of the wars he started?

  2. Alexander Carder says:

    Don’t take the Mark people

  3. Sophia Smith says:

    Condolences to the family.
    I am happy people not falling for the bull crap and lies they say in the news. Before you believe what they say. Do your research. Test every spirit.

  4. Stan Keebler says:

    Just another player with a bunch of crooked players…

  5. Sage Counselor says:

    He was fully vaccinated. Sorry to hear this news.

  6. L says:

    But wait. He had the vaccine!!!. You know, the one being forced on everyone…

  7. Pepito Le Q says:

    Another vaxxed democrat "breakthrough" case, just like Psuki. But, democrats said this is a pandemic of the unvaxxed…lol.

  8. google429 says:

    Take care,

  9. Michael Nyssen says:

    Just one of the W.M.D. liers… Won't be missed by the 100's of thousands dead to keep the industrial military complex going..

  10. Delvon Taylor says:

    The General was used as a fall guy for hierachy

  11. Delvon Taylor says:

    I remember the General made a statement"a mind is a terrible thing to waste".Certainly because he is considered a Blackman from the negroid race and not caucasion; and so he was used as a stooge to carry out the dirty works of the hierarchy, the reagan and the bush regimes.

  12. 07MoPower says:

    “If you take these vaccines, you won’t get covid.” – Joe Biden

  13. Shaun Palmer says:

    Hopefully karma will come for more of these war criminals sooner rather than later

  14. Delvon Taylor says:

    I remember Colin powel made a statement" A mind is a terrible thing to waste" The people that he work with or for wasted allot of good minds exploiting.

  15. linux 2winux says:

    God works in mysterious ways….

  16. Delvon Taylor says:

    The General was used as a stooge by Hierarchy which are the Elites; The bush and the reagan regime as well to carry out their dirty works.

  17. Skippy 4077 says:

    Too much yellow cake for dessert

  18. Ava Vermig says:

    Colin Powell black again he just got tuskegeed

  19. az10652 says:

    Curse Covid everyday

  20. Al Pacino says:

    This guy was no hero

  21. Charlie Murphy says:

    So tragic. Another war criminal passed

  22. Bernard Spilsbury says:

    CNN: Colin Powell dies of Cancer, Fox: Colin Powell fully vaccinated dies of COVID, MSNBC Donald Trump killed Colin Powell ha ha

  23. 1spacemannsam says:

    He never wore a mask that’s how he got COVID 19

  24. Jake & Brandy Stapleton says:

    I won't disrespect him or be hateful. I won't bring myself down to the haters level ,RIP COLIN POWELL

  25. Delvon Taylor says:

    Collin Powell was used as a Stooge by the Elites, the bushes and the reagan Regimes.

  26. Tom Sawyer says:

    It has been just reported that if you get each one of the vaccines including placebos, & each & every booster 2 times then you transgenderize into a super invincible silly bunz & nothing can stop you from taking over female sports & taking all the scholarships & gold medals that natural born females used to put in the time & effort to earn, & all you have to do to make this happen is make a public statement that you are a proud Biden supporter & you have already filled in at least 25 mail in ballots for his 2024 reelection & are just waiting to send them in

  27. xeng柯 says:

    washing powder god

  28. PC gone mad 3142536 says:

    nothing is sad about this!!

  29. Essie S says:

    RIP, tragic how the hateful masses are using this man’s death to moralize about something they are obviously ill informed of.

  30. dare2scheme says:

    Too bad Collin Powell was a dunce who watched TV. He could have received a transfusion of antibodies from a natural immunity donor in Florida. Too late

  31. Redpilling with Integrity says:

    But he really didn't…he had cancer and was told he wouldn't leave even a year

  32. budman30k says:

    2.7 Per 100 k die of Covid stats ( from the CDC website ) 11 per 100 k die from Car accidents so you better park your cars

  33. Adeon55 says:

    Fully vaccinated.
    Dead from COVID.
    So he had preexisting conditions, when has that mattered during this whole pandemic? You count every "COVID death" the same anyway. Don't start changing your tune now.

  34. Mark Garduno says:

    Looks like the vaccine is more dangerous than we thought, eh?!

  35. Imeh Smith says:

    God Bless Collin Powell
    I was lucky to meet and take a pic w/ him in my cap and gown after my Howard Univ. graduation

  36. Angela Gillett says:

    He had cancer first.

  37. Hampson Theodore says:

    Was he not vaccinated or something ?

  38. See Teine says:

    Natural cause of death !!! It was his time to go ! No more this pullshit lies !!!!

  39. Bruce Chamberlain says:

    And to think he was fully vaccinated…..

  40. Mohammed Hosein says:

    As a black shoe shine boy for President Bush Colon Powell knew there was no mass weapons of destruction in Iraq. The weapons of mass destruction entered through his rectum and contaminated his digestive and respiratory system . The weapons of mass destruction emanating from his pugnacious lying mouth was the cause of many innocent deaths.

  41. Melania Rotterdam says:

    Don't rest in peace!

  42. Rufuzz Bum says:

    He was 84 and has blood cancer. Cause of death covid 😀
    I wonder if there is a limit to how many fairy tales you can push on people

  43. Dwight Lembke says:

    We must remember the accomplishments he achieved. Not focus on such negatives. He achieved more than most white people. He came from Harlem to go as far as chairman of the joint chief of staff. That is pretty special.

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